Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wake up: You're it
The blog gal morning challenge

Because I am malleable and she is charming and persuasive, that crazy lady Gwendomama has talked me into some crazy stuff. Like putting paid advertising on my blog (still waiting for that first check) and posting pictures of myself when I first wake up in the morning—no make-up, no tricky lighting, no PhotoShop. Some other nut started the photo expose (Gwendo can tell you who), and it has spread like the virus in my head. If you read this, consider yourself sneezed on.

Warning for the faint of heart: What follows is not pretty.

Once I'm a little more awake, I always cover my yawn with my hand.

I can blow my nose and take a picture at the same time! 

Wait . . . is that really a camera?

And like Gwendo, there's not a whole lot that goes on between my "just out of bed" and "off to work" conditions. I can't be bothered, and really, at my age, what's the point? I am a busy lady, you know, with fish to fry and cakes to bake. 

 I know: there's some hair problems going on that various products could fix. I was feeling too crappy last night to beat my hair into submission with a dryer; this is it in its natural state. It will calm down in a day or two.

Happy Wednesday! 

Put that camera beside your bed tonight! It's all good fun. 


Kerry said...

I don't anyone would want to see me in the AM when I first get up! scary!

gwendomama said...

you rock! i love the series - esp the surprised photo!
wtf was that camera doing in the mirror????

you look adorable.

Kate said...

Dear lord, you couldn't pay me to show you my early morning self. I've barely even started showing carefully chosen pictures of myself!

Monica said...

I agree with way, now how. But more power to you. :)