Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Calling Kristen

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Kristen, the prostitute involved with the naughty governor of New York? Because I have a few questions. Well, really just one: What exactly to do you do for $1,000 an hour? Because I'm thinking . . . If I could do whatever that is, it might help encourage Husband to get some things done around the house. I mean, he wouldn't have to pay me $1,000 or anything, just install my front door, remove the tarps covering half the front of our house, repair our front fence. . . . You get the picture. Oh, wait. You think the fact that I most likely do not bear any physical resemblance to Kristen might present a hitch in this plan? OK, fine. Just the front door. 

And about the naughty governor . . . I think having this picture published has got to be part of the punishment.

That's got to hurt. As it should.


lisagh said...


I think you might be on to something!

dmmlandcruiser said...

She must be DAMNED GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Eliot Mess. I hope his wife does the right thing and leaves him.

Aren't you dying to hear what Kristen has to say? You know she's going to get paid big $$ for her story.

Maria said...

Kristen is probably going to get a book deal, then its going to be made into a television movie for Lifetime. I'm surprised they haven't done that with Monica Lewinsky yet.

My state is really stupid. I am shamed.Then again, I have been MIA for most of his tenure so I have nothing to complain about (though I have heard ALOT from The Aussie, yikes).

(Bloomberg for governor!)

Woolly said...

I am pretty sure if your husband reads that post he will answer the question for you! LOL

Jen Yu said...

the huffington post lists the rates from $1K-$5.5K/hr. i think that rate goes to cover the orthopedic surgery the ladies require whenever they break their ankles wearing those crazy heels.

i may be in the minority here, but illegal issues aside (like the whole felony thing), i think the matter is between eliot and his wife and is far more complex than most people want to think it is. men and women clearly have different sexual needs and it strikes me as naive to impose and expect one rule for all.

Angelina said...

Why do people have to get married if they can't be satisfied with one person? There's no shame in remaining unmarried and seeing as many people as it takes to be satisfied.

I have yet to meet a woman I like who thinks it's ok for her husband to sleep with other people. The only women I ever met who were ok with an "open" marriage were deeply unhappy people before they entered into such arrangements, and just got more unhappy.

Poor prostitute having to service politicians. I hope she's got health care.