Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ski days 15 and 16

Everyone should be lucky enough to have a generous friend with a large ski house. And although we're pretty happy roughing on the floor under any roof we can get over our heads, we love to stay at the house of our friend. It's ginormous, with four bedrooms, two of which are master bedroom suites larger than my first one-bedroom apartment. This is not a ski cabin; it's a ski mansion of sorts. If the Rolling Stones were skiing in Tahoe, they would be happy here.

And we did not mind a bit that the kitchen had been gutted since we were last there owing to a plumbing leak from the bathroom above it, meaning

we had to cook on a camp stove

and make coffee like this:

It was all part of the adventure.

Here's the weekend's ski report and a few pics.

Sunday: Mt. Rose. We don't ski here often since it is off our north Tahoe beaten path, but we had such a great day here, we'll be back for more. It hadn't snowed in a while, but the snow was lovely, with a little fluff, especially after it warmed up in the morning. I'm also totally impressed with their lifts: long and fast. We skied the East Bowl off the Zephyr 6 chair most of the morning, and after lunch Husband and a couple of friends took Sophie off for her first runs on The Chutes.

Too gnarls for me. I'm in the process of accepting the fact that even though my kid can ski this stuff, I never will. I want to keep pushing myself to ski steeps and ungroomed runs better, but I just don't see any sense in tangling with rocks. Does Sophie skiing this stuff make me a little nervous? Why yes, it does.

But doesn't she look great ripping this bump?

Monday: Squaw. Is there anything better than Squaw on a Monday, when you more or less have the whole place to yourself? Clouds that looked like they could produce rain in the morning cleared at lunch, and the sun warmed things up a bit too much. The bottom of the mountain was a little slushy (Husband said "PostIt stick, not duct tape stick"), but the top, especially off Siberia and Headwall was really nice.

Sophie made her debut on The Slot and skied some runs off KT that looked like this:

That's Husband, in the zone.

I'm still not completely unpacked from this trip (why bother?) and still have mountains of laundry, baking, and grocery shopping to get ready to do it again this next weekend. Honestly, I hardly know if I'm coming or going. I pulled into the parking lot at Sophie's school this afternoon a few minutes early for pick up and reclined the seat and fell asleep. I woke up and had absolutely no idea where I was. I probably had my mouth hanging open. Jeez.


Belle in Bloom said...

Sounds like a great trip. The coffee cracked me up! I've fallen asleep in the school parking lot before. So embarrassing!

Jen Yu said...

w00t! ski! I'd love to have friends with ski vacation homes attached to them. All of my friends are broke.

I always marvel at young kids who ski over horrifying terrain without a second thought. They don't have as far to fall to the ground and they weigh less... that and they have no fear. Much better for navigating the slopes and for improving quickly. We old farts suck ;) Sophie is doing great.

KatieGirlBlue said...

See? Van life would be no problem for you! You're so adaptable.

And holy cow, Sophie is a little ripper! How awesome that you guys make skiing such a priority.

Sabina said...

were you drooling? sorry to missed that sight. see you next week, i'm in philly--not eating cheesesteaks. xoxo

Cindy said...

sabina: Would you please come home immediately? I'm missing you like crazy.

Sabina said...

are too many people asking too much of you??? let me at em' let me at em'

i'll be home tuesday, and i'm making big deals with the snow diety for sierra dumpimng, it's getting a little slushy and icy up there i fear.