Monday, March 31, 2008

I have a new purse

I know, not a big deal for most people, but it is for me. I simply do not understand (although I admit I admire) women who match their bag to their outfit (or even their shoes!) and use a different purse every day. Do they stand there in the morning with a shovel, moving the contents of one bag to another? What if the bags are different sizes and hold different amounts of stuff? Then you have to decide what gets to come along and what has to stay home. And where does the stuff that stays home go? In a pile on the counter? In a special box labeled "Does not fit in today's purse"? What if you need some of that stuff later in the day? I'm sure these things are perfectly obvious to many, but figuring it all out would push my life to a level of complication I find unacceptable. I know my limits.

So I have something like four purses. A big black Coach bag that can hold about thirty pounds of stuff (a girlfriend once called it my Winnebago), a pretty light green leather bag (also quite large), a teensy black Coach bag for evenings when I need only a credit card and lip balm (I don't use it that often—even a hairbrush is too large), and a few other assorted bags I almost never use because . . . well, I just explained that.

But I popped in to REI to shop for a birthday present (with my annual rebate check burning a hole in my pocket—I obviously bought more than I thought last year), and found this:
On sale. I think it's cute, it's BIG, it has little straps on the bottom for a yoga mat (or jacket) and a strap to go around your waist so you can wear it on a bike. And I like that it's the kind of bag you can throw on the floor of the car, step on with muddy boots, and take home and throw it in the wash. And the fact that it's my favorite spring color is a bonus, especially since I know I need to work on easing my way out of ski season (soon—not quite yet!) and into the summer, especially because we have some great trips planned.

I made a few other spring purchases.

Camping margarita glasses for the birthday boy.

A new pair of Crocs for Sophie (the smallest women's size—she's eight!). Her school has a creek that runs through it and more or less serves as their playground, so water happy shoes are important.

I'm not sure, but I think I might need these for the summer. I didn't buy them because there were about two hundred people in the shoe department. I'll go back on a weekday.

I also wanted these, but they didn't have my size, so I'll have to mail order them.

Love that store.


Anonymous said...

I love bags. I have a ton. But I don't change them every day for all the same reasons you mention. (Where do you put all that stuff that doesn't fit??) I tend to stick with one for a few weeks or until I get bored and then I switch to something else. But I love bags.

Monica said...

I agree, that is a dangerous store! Congrats on your party, too...sounds like it was a hit!

tulipmom said...

Same here on sticking with one bag. Looks like you can fit a ton in your new one. I'm currently trying to pair down the contents of my purse so I can transfer them to the diaper bag and still have room for diapers, bottles, etc. So far I've counted 12 pens and 5 lipsticks ... no wonder this purse weighs a ton!!

Mo said...

I am with you on the purse thing. I have a few but not that many. My black Monsac is my daily go to bag and I too have a small black Coach for nights out.

Love, love the camp glasses and other purchases are pretty darn cool too.

MsMVNJ said...

I have a half a closet of handbags (I possess a couple of Winnebagos myself), but what has become my daily bag? A big red Longchamps tote bag because I can fit as much or as little as I need (the yoga mat can be shoved in and pop out of the top), and it zips into the size of a wallet when I throw it in the briefcase. Love the margarita glasses and the crocs - I have a pair in that color myself. REI is an addiction for me too.

The party pictures looked great - glad everyone had such a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

I love REI too! They are finally opening a store here in Kennesaw in May and I can hardly wait! I am tired of driving to Atlanta to get the stuff I want...not anymore.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I love your new bag! I need something like that for the gym. I finally had to throw away my last gym bag because it got nasty.

The spring color and look of it is perfect! Exactly what I need. Mind if I copy you?!

Jen Yu said...

I have finally accepted my love-hate relationship with REI. I love my membership and rebate and return policy, but they tend to lack serious gear and employees who actually know how to use it. Well - that was especially so in So Cal, it's less of a problem in Boulder and I like that they carry casual clothes I will actually wear (as opposed to ho-wear for 12 year old bodies in most other stores).

Good deal on the bag! I like bags that function more like spacious backpacks than handbags ;) Rough and tumble too. I'm such a fashion disaster that I never have to worry about things matching because they just don't.

Your parties were such a hit. Sophie is adorable - lucky kid to have such cool parents. I saw the taco bar while delusional from chemo this weekend and wanted to dive my face into the cheese, I was so hungry. Looks GREAT.

Oh, and those sandals... I just scored a pair similar to those (but fewer straps because I have hot feet). I'm hoping I won't get serious foot stink this summer ;) And just remember they don't match anything because of that problem I have.

Diana said...

The best thing about purses, like jewelry, they always fit!

Cindy, the camping cosmo glassware reminds me of the delicious and refreshing blood orange and champagne cocktail you made at the Loone Lake Lounge. The one that nearly broke up the Usual Suspects. What was it? How do I duplicate?

Cindy said...

D: I think that was a bellini--white peach puree and prosecco. You're probably thinking also of my devastating blood orange cosmos, served at the Homewood house. There's a recipe for those here:

Always important to have the excellent cocktails on hand. I think Herb's forgiven me for my Loon Lake trespass. Never again will I highjack cocktails.

I Love Your Whole Face said...

thanks for the recommendation. I just bought the bag online.