Friday, March 7, 2008

Husband shops and I dream

Occasionally. Not for socks, underwear, food, or anything useful like that but for things large and significant enough to warrant his attention. At the present he is in the market for a VW van. And not because we don't already have one. We do, but it does not and has not run for quite some time. The one parked in our driveway is not a vehicle but a storage facility, employed as part of Husband's campaign to clean up our garage his shop: He moved a load of crap from the shop to the van. Fine, but what he really wants is a mobile storage facility, so he can drive his load of crap tools over to some hypothetical side job he might work at when he imagines he is still a carpenter rather than a project manager who uses a telephone as his main tool. We did agree that such a vehicle would be better than our Honda CRV or our pickup for a long camping trip we have planned for this summer. I could take more stuff.

Here's what he has picked out on Craig's List.

The ad insists the color is not gold (as it appears to me) but "metallic silver." But since we're looking at silver, I want to know why we couldn't have this instead:

There's admittedly a little nostalgia going on here. When I was a child my grandparents spent many years summering in a log cabin on the Boulder River in Montana and wintering in an airstream trailer that they towed with their Scout International all over the western U.S., through Mexico, and even down to Panama. I've got it all worked out: We love to go to Mexico, and one of these would be great for camping on the beach (as my grandparents demonstrated). And I've had this wacky fantasy of hauling an airstream up to the Sierras to serve as my mobile ski cabin for a while.

Look—they even have little kitchens!

I love that you can drive somewhere, unhook the towing vehicle, and drive away.

Perfect for us, don't you think? He won't even discuss it with me. Maybe I should talk with him about one of these:


Sabina said...

that last little kitchen is soooooooooooo cute, what is that thing??? a towable pantry. hot damn, i need one!

Cindy said...

That, my dear, is a teardrop trailer. You can buy them or build them from a kit. We could do this! Over the summer!!

Belle in Bloom said...

My parents had an airstream before I was born. My Mom talks about traveling in it all the time. She makes it sound like those were the best times of her life. :)

jilly said...

Oh I love the airstream, but I am afraid that my idea of camping would be a Howard Johnson. . . sounds like a lot of fun though. There is a restaurant in NYC that looks like an airstream and is really kitschy.

Kerry said...

I love those silver campers! Fun!

Libby said...

The silver camper is terrific but I'm completely smitten by the teardrop trailer! I can't wait to show it to D.!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I love airstreams! There's a place in Arizona that has been on my list where they have a hotel (airstreams) and it looks too cute. I need a good road trip!

Impoverished Preppy said...

DH would LOVE a 1960's VW bus, but his wife, oddly enough, said NO. He managed to talk his friend into purchasing one a year ago and now lives vicariously through P (who equally oddly enough, is single). I will admit, when we went to a Rat Dog concert last summer, it was definitely fun to have the bus there, but I'm still glad we didn't pay for it and don't have to store and maintain it.

If I go camping I prefer (I am insane) hiking in and sleeping in a tent. Better still, I love the high sierra camps in Yosemite.

Jackie said...

I have a Honda CRV :)

You have to get that airstream! You could decorate it all retro.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Oooooh, Cindy. I fancy myself something of an expert in the camping van field, well, because we live in one many months out of the year (makes it easier to live on the road and climb a ton).

Honestly, your hubby and my hubby should talk. Brad has lived in vans on and off for years and years, times he often describes as "the best years of my life," before hastily adding, "until I met you, of course."

VWs are AWESOME, no doubt about it, but seriously consider a Ford Econoline 250. That's what have in, and handy hubby installed a huge bed (big enough for the whole pack (2 people + 2 dogs), a little kitchen, a reading area, etc. The thing is, the Fords have more clearance than VWs, tend to have fewer mechanical problems (ours is running strong with 300K miles on it) and are way, way less expensive.

Just a thought. I'm psyched for you guys; it's awesome to have a little house with you wherever you go. On rainy nights we watch movies on our laptops, and on cold mornings, the stove heats out house-on-wheels up very quickly.

Now that I think about it, Brad's in the Bay area so much, you've probably seen the van and thought, "ew, a windowless van. creepy."

Broady said...
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Broady said...

Travelling the country in an airstream has long been one of my fantasies... I think it's sort of embedded in the American DNA. I do love that little kitchen!

My husband would salivate at the prospect of having a his own VW bus dedicated to housing more of his "stuff." Given the current state of our garage (gigantic storage locker), his pursuit of a VW bus would probably end with references to attorneys and such. He's one of those packrats who suffer from a lack of self-awareness: everything he saves will have a very practical use someday! But he's a sweetheart so I hate to kill his dreams : )

Cindy said...

Katie: I'll be watching for that van! I'll wave.

And I'll pass on the recommendation to Husband. He used to live in his van a lot too back when he was a part-time bum (before me). He would work construction during the summer and then winter down in Baja to windsurf. He had quite the set-up and still has the fridge he installed. He has regaled me with tales of sitting on a beach in the middle of nowhere eating Dove Bars. He even took his cat. I know there's part of him that misses those days, and I don't think they sound half bad myself. And with our ridiculous array of camping gear, our pack-and-go kid, and a new van we should be good to go on a new version of it.

Angelina said...

I am not a van person. Vans are for hippies and serial killers. (We always had one growing up and I actually thought they were quite comfy to travel in). But an Airstream trailer? Now you're talking style!!!

That would be so much fun.