Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Laughter and critical thinking:
Both good things

The protest against Obama's address to school children leaves me practically speechless. Do these parents think their children are so stupid that listening to an alternative viewpoint might endanger their minds? We listened to as much Sarah Palin as we could get our hands on during the election, and Sophie is fine. Critical thinking is good for kids.

But read the speech, conservative parents. He's not campaigning or promoting policy. He's talking about working hard in school. Are they concerned that hearing something reasonable from a person they have taught their children to hate might make their children's heads explode? That's a little easier to understand. The fact that I am in agreement with Newt Gingrich is admittedly disconcerting. It makes my scalp itch, but I think I'm going to be ok.

But really. I would think the conservative would be happy. He's talking about responsibility—conservatives like responsibility, right?? I mean it's not like he's talking about compassion or anything dangerous like that.

But wait. This reenactment parody explains it all. 


Work hard, play hard, and think hard. And care lots. 


Caroline said...

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area - a bastion of conservative thinking. I am at a complete loss over the uproar that this simple address has generated. I really don't get it, and I even think conservatively on some issues.

If, hypothetically, ideas were presented to my children that I found repugnant, we would discuss them. We would discuss why they did not make sense. We would then talk about the respect due the President's office and how wonderful it is to live in a democracy where we can vote for someone else in the next election. (Lots of teaching opportunities here.)

I don't understand how parents will allow their children to watch Miley Cyrus pole dance and object to their watching an educated, articulate, charismatic, engaging and very polished individual (who happens to be president)encourage them to work hard and stay in school.

But then, people shock me every day.

Joanne said...

The "study guide" released for the first version of the speech was pretty far out there... enough to make me nervous. And while I do think I am usually fairly well-informed, I am also very cynical and a skeptic.

If there truly wasn't anything objectionable included in the first version (that the study guide was based on), why was a revised version released?

My feelings are more taht the speech, oroginal and revised, are both OK, and it is the people who wrote the study guides who tried to push a little too much.

Really, I think Obama has the best in mind for us - I think his message gets turned around and twisted by his people before it gets disseminated to the public....

lisagh said...
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lisagh said...
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lisagh said...

I'm removing my last two comments. People scare me too much. Sorry, Cin. xo

Kristin said...

I was laughing until I realized just how true to life the parody is...sigh.

Amy said...

I also am completely in disbelief. EVEN IF one were politically predisposed to despise such a benign message, why not use it as a jumping off point for a discussion about with your children?

OH, I remember, because most parents are too busy dragging their kids to organized sporting events controlled by parents re-living their own youth to HAVE discussions with their kids. T

hat is my rant for the day.

k e r r y said...

Took me a second to realize she was not for real! My kids got to watch it at school. The school sent an email home just as FYI - I liked how they handled it! Very matter of fact. Sadly I know people who rant quite like the lady in the video and all I can do is roll my eyes!

adozeneggs said...

What's worse is that Michael Vick spoke at a school and no one was upset with that.
He's a much better role model than Obama.