Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Food Swap report: I score!

I score MAPLE, that is. When Laura told me my partner was from her state of Vermont, I immediately thought "Awesome. Maybe she will send me a bunch of maple stuff!" But I didn't want to get my hopes up too high because maybe I would open up my box and find a bunch of . . . I don't know . . . what else do they eat in Vermont anyway??

I was excited just to open my box because Stacia had wrapped everything up individually, so Sophie and I had a good time unwrapping all our little preezies.

And we were not disappointed! Maple in all forms!! 

This cookie cutter has a recipe for maple frosting that sounds amazing. I'll let you know when I try it. 

I've got two kinds of maple candy. The ones in cellophane are hard and last about half an hour. I tried to make the other kind once. It did not go well. There's a reason people buy them. Unfortunately, these do not last a half an hour.

And who knew this even existed? Maple cotton candy! It looks like my mother-in-law's hair but tastes like maple syrup. Sophie and I are beside ourselves with it. 

I also received some tea, which Sophie has designs on since she is now allowed to use the stove to make herself tea after school if an adult is in the house. 

I also have some Maple Apple Chutney. That should be good on roast pork, don't you think? Or maybe just with a spoon. As in over the sink.

And for a woman who says she does not scrap book, I thought this wrapping was pretty fancy.

Inside was a book she thought I would like given that my profile that includes "pie baker." Sounds good, and I've added it the nightstand stack!

And finally, Stacia proves that not everything good for fall need be edible.  Look at this beautiful necklace and earrings she made! Check out her Etsy shop Meadowbrook Designs for more of this gorgeous stuff.

And finally finally (I know this state exists because a certain person in my office will say "No, I don't mean the final deadline. When is the final final deadline?" which is her way of asking for the deadline for super special people like herself), something for Sophie, who up to now sort of thought most of this was for her too but was really excited and surprised to see that something really was for just her.

This is a typically lousy picture of a beautiful necklace made from sea glass.

Sophie LOVES it and has not taken if off since opening it. 

Thank you to my wonderful swap partner for a wonderful box full of goodies. If you think participating in a swap sounds like fun, keep an eye on Laura's blog. She'll be hosting another one soon.


adozeneggs said...

I assure you we eat more than maple!!
Tomorrow night for example, Dave is making tofu vindaloo!
Everything looks great, I LOVE the maple cotton candy! One of my all time favorite maple goodies. (next to my maple buttercream, of course)
Sophie looks a-dorable in her new necklace.
So glad you guys had fun!!

Midge said...

Maple cotton candy?!?!? How have I never heard of this?!?!

Belle said...

You hit the jack-pot! Love it all. Who knew there was Maple cotton candy...and that it looks like MIL hair?? Funny.

Have a great weekend!

Stacia said...

So glad you & Sophie enjoyed the package. Based on previous posts to your blog, i thought that pink might be her color. Still waiting for the UPS man to show up here. Maybe today...

Let me know if you need more cotton candy (or anything else) shipped out to you!