Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's good to be ready

Husband and I rented the movie Julia the other night. While I find watching drunk destructive people unpleasant, watching Tilda Swinton, whom I always find elegant and sophisticated, transform herself into this mess on heels was a delight. 

She does it all. After mastering the cycle of drinking herself into oblivion, banging complete strangers, passing out, and waking to do it all again, she kicks it up a few notches to running someone over with her car, kidnapping, grand theft auto, eventually finding herself on the lam in Tijuana, running from and sometimes chasing Mexican kidnappers, shooting people, and almost getting shot.

All good stuff, except the heels. I cannot get them out of my mind. When you have shit this serious to deal with, do you think "Huh. I've really got myself in a dangerous mess. I'll put on my HIGH HEELS. All the better to run for my life in." This is exactly the reason after 9/11 I stopped wearing them on airplanes and urban areas, especially when I'm with my kid. You just never know when you'll need to take off running, perhaps carrying someone.

So, YES, the high heels added to Tilda Swinton's crazy hot mess look, but don't you think she would have been better off in some more SENSIBLE SHOES? I'm not talking about orthopedics here—how about these new ones I recently bought?
Comfy, cute, and super fast. Because my life is so exciting that you never know what will happen. 


Cid said...

Love, love, love the shoes. They would definately carry you and your loved ones out of harm's way and you'd still look cool!

Kate said...

Guess I won't be wearing those ridiculous blue boots on the plane!

Tanya said...

Love! Who makes these, if I might ask? They look like a cute alternative to chef clogs for me @ work!

Cindy said...

Brand = J-14. Style = Aquarius Vegan. That's right: vegan shoes! No eggs or diary were used in them.