Sunday, September 20, 2009

I like green

Most of the time.

I like green figs on the tree, but not this late in the season when I wonder if they will ever ripen before our Indian summer ends and cooler weather and the rains move in. These are Brown Turkeys, which will be amazing fall fare, if only . . .

Same with our tomatoes. You can't imagine how much water and care we have put into these. They've been sitting in the fog much of the summer. At least tomatoes can be fried and eaten green.

I like green better when it is where I want it.

Like in this Cucumber Gin and Tonic, yet another brilliant summer drink from my friend Trevor over at his blog. As if anything could be more refreshing on a hot Indian summer day.

I was wondering, though, what to do with the leftover cucumber juice.

How about a few green cubes?

Perfect in a glass of water when it's not quite cocktail time.

What do you think about pink cubes? I've got a bunch of watermelon. . . .

I hope you're enjoying crisp fall weather rather than the heat wave we have predicted for the next couple of days. I'll be ready with my cubes though.


Trish said...

Yummy fried green tomatoes! Especially with homemade ranch dressing. Or try a fried green tomato on a BLT - it's a nice twist on a classic!

lisagh said...

Not quite cocktail time? I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Trevor said...

lisagh, I like your style! Thanks Cindy! That is a great way to save the juice for future coctails!

adozeneggs said...

I think pink cubes would be awesome.
But and easier use is to chop the watermelon in cubes, freeze on a tray then transfer to bags. You can throw them in the blender with tequila, lime juice, triple sec and a little sugar for a perfect watermelon margarita.
Or blend with vodka and lime juice.