Monday, March 16, 2009

Nine years ago last Saturday

someone was born. And so there was a three-day ski trip that included lots of good friends, skiing with a coach, a cake, a load of cupcakes, a big pasta party, and a few presents.

But nine years ago there was this.

And later this.

Those are her first shoes.

Here she is reading up on a very important topic.

Getting outfitted for one of our favorite activities.

Looking like a penguin on some of her first skis.

Celebrating a birthday bowl of oatmeal.

Blowing out some candles at her birthday tea party.

Smiling like the Mona Lisa at a friend's wedding.

Sandwiched between two good friends.

In the suit that has given her the name The Pink Rocket.

Smiling at Christmas.

In San Francisco Opera's production of Macbeth.

And blowing out nine candles.

Happy birthday, baby. Words cannot express how much joy you have brought into my life. Out of all the crazy things I have done, having you was the best.


Jen Yu said...

Happy Birthday Sophie :)

For your birthday: One FREE day of skiing at Vail or Breckenridge. Redeemable anytime (well, anytime there is snow, okay?). Expiration date: when Jen's knees give out.


Purple Flowers said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! I enjoyed seeing the photos of you from when you were first born to now, when you have become a very pretty young lady!
Congratulations to the proud Mama and Papa!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sophie! What a beautiful tribute. What a lovely, poised young lady you are becoming. I hope there was lots and lots of cake.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sophie!

KK said...

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Those pictures are too sweet!

ElleBee said...

I had to come out of my Google Reader Lurking and wish Miss Sophie a beautiful, glorious day! Happy Birthday, Sophie. I know how your mom feels when she says having you was one of the best things she ever did!

Broady said...

Such a sweet birthday tribute-- brought a tear to me eye : ) Cheers and Happy Birthday to the Pink Rocket!

Midge said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! The picture of her in black is really stunning, and I love the cook's outfit- so fitting.

Jackie said...

What wonderful photos!
Happy Birthday Sophie :)

Deb said...

What a sweet girl! Happy Birthday!

Cindy said...

Jen, Sophie says:
THANK YOU!! I can't wait to go!And I can't wait to meet your dog. He looks really nice. Love, Sophie

adozeneggs said...

Such great pictures!!
Happy Birthday to Sophie!

Kate said...

So sweet. nothing better than a mother-daughter bond!

Kate said...

Hurray! Happy Birthday Sophie!!