Friday, March 20, 2009

The husband? He fiddy-two

That's right. He had a BIRTHDAY this week. And received a few gifts.

Last year I got him a heated ski boot bag, which was pretty hard to beat, especially since there's room for my gloves in it.

This year I got him a Kalamata olive tree. It's fairly small, and it will be a while before we are harvesting and curing olives, but in the meantime, it's beautiful silvery little tree.

We're not sure where it's going (it has to compete with two figs, a persimmon, a lime, and a Meyer lemon). For now it will live in a wine barrel planter.

He also received three ranunculi (that's the plural of ranunculus, right?). Pretty, no?

Sophie horrified him and totally cracked me up by giving him a card with ten dollars in it. Serves him right for going on about how he loves cards with money. She felt very grown up.

But I think Mother Nature bested the both of us.

First buds on our brown turkey fig tree. I guess spring's not all bad.


lisagh said...

Sophie is fantastic!

Sabina said...

that's hilarious, i love a child's for the papa...sasha gave B a peets card for valentines day, so sweet.

Tonia said...

That is too funny and sweet.
Olive trees are really pretty I think. I wandered through an olive orchard? grove? when I was in Morocco. Happy birthday to your husband.

Purple Flowers said...

An olive tree is a great idea. In the summertime you can sit near it while you drink your homemade wine with a chunk of cheese and bread - so mediterrean. Enjoy!

Belle in Bloom said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! I love your gift and Sophie's too!

Have a great day!

Belle said...


Have a great day!

Coffee with Cathy said...

What a great idea to give an olive tree as a present! I am so stealing this idea. And fresh figs from your own backyard is one of life's greatest pleasures.

Deb said...

I think an olive tree is a spectacular gift!!

Happy fiddy second to your hubby.

KSK said...

ok, now to share a 50something husband thing - my hubs just turned 50 and CAN.NOT. stop talking about having to get a colonoscopy. tell me they don't do this every year for the rest of their lives after turning 50...

Cindy said...

KSK: That is good that he is talking about it!! My husband entered a year-long phase of denial before we could even discuss it. After all his hysteria, Husband admitted it was not a big deal at all, well the procedure at least. The "clean out" (preparations for described here: was the worst part. The actual exam was quick and painless. He didn't even take any of the drugs they offered him (foolish man). I think now he's on schedule for one every five years. Good luck to your husband (and you!).

adozeneggs said...

Happy Birthday!
Wow, you have two very important bdays so close together!
I love all your plants.
So envious of the lemons, figs and olives.

KSK said...

Ah, now I remember your post about those yummy beverages... Yucko! By the by, olive tree is SUCH an awesome gift!!