Friday, March 6, 2009

Mother daughter dresses: Enough already

I love checking my site meter to see what Google searches land people over here at Figs, but this one has got to stop: "mother daughter dresses." Because that is not what we're about here. But Google these terms (which people have been doing with alarming regularity lately, undoubtedly owing to the upcoming Easter), and there on the first page is . . . me. Jeez. It's my fault though. Last spring, aware I was experiencing a moment of questionable judgment, I turned to my blog community for advice concerning this matter. They straightened me out: Ok to buy matching dresses but not to wear them at the same time. Ever. Fine. I mean, thank you

But I don't think people Googling these terms are looking for this kind of advice. They're probably looking for something like this:

Do you love that they throw in clothes for the doll? It's bad enough for an adult to be dressed like a child but a doll?? That's just wrong.

Or how about this?

[Removed following request of Nikki Knits. If you want to see the dress, go to their site.]


In which case I cannot refrain from offering some advice myself:

STOP RIGHT THERE. I mean it. STOP. You are an adult; your child is a child. Either your child is going to look like an adult or (most likely) you are going to look like a giant child. Not good either way. When our family dressed up for Easter Sunday, my mom wore . . . can't exactly remember, but surely something befitting an adult. I wore a dress that matched my sister's (fine given that we were both children), and we often had white gloves and little straw purses. The gloves caused a lot of problems opening doors and eating chocolate rabbits smuggled in the purses, but we looked good. So if you're shopping for Easter clothes (we'll be home in our jammies worshipping at the Church of the Pancake), go wild: Hats, gloves, purses are all good. But please leave the matching to the children.

I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear, but it's for your own good. 

If you land here because you Google "Mormon cake," you're probably not going to find what you're looking for either.

Next post: Back to food. Promise.


Angelina said...

Someone has to set them straight, it might as well be you!

Mom on the Run said...

We coordinate. We don't match. ;-}

Anonymous said...

Those blue monstrosities should never be worn, period. Nevermind at the same time.

Nikki Knits Clothing Company LLC said...

You do not have permission to use our photograph from our company. Please remove it from your blog. Thank you.

The image is the 2nd one on this post of the two blue rose dresses.

lisagh said...

Nikki Knits sure is on top of things. I think they might be affiliated with Oprah.

Cindy said...

Lees: What I'm thinking is that the phone may not be exactly ringing off the hook over at Nikki Knits. And so they've got lots of time to monitor the likes of Figs.

Lisbeth said...

Being a non-american I wonder why the dressing up (whether in matching dresses or with the gloves/hats/purses) became affiliated with Easter??
If it's for family gatherings and photos, wouldn't it be an issue year round and perhaps especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas?
What makes Easter so special in this regard?

But I definately agree: matching family outfits are a no-go!

Purple Flowers said...

Those blue dresses are over the top ugly. Little girls can be cute, but Mom needs to have her head examined. She looks ridiculous, and I hope someone tells her so, for the sake of her children.

NJDecorator said...

Nikki Knits hot will go up only because of banning the picture. This may be their strategy.

Just the cynic in my popping out.

adozeneggs said...

Ugh! Couldn't agree more.
Now can you tell my MIL to stop wearing white tights, ruffles and little barrettes in her permed hair?!!
FYI: the deer NEVER come onto our property, we may see an occasional, lone set of prints in the snow, but they tend to stay away. Most likely because our house is dropped in the middle of a grassy plot with no landscaping whatsoever!
I'm going to go over to that Nikki Knits and check out the carnage.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Hmmm....from where I sit (in Utah), it looks like Nikki Knits is doing quite well....Not that that excuses what they do.

Hilarious post.

gwendomama said...

i can't believe nikki knits asked you to take down a link. they can use all the business anyone sends them.

Kansas A said...

LOL! Great post :) I wouldn't want to wear matching anything with any of my kids, yeesh the generation gap is just a tad wide for that!

Deb said...

Church of the Pancake...sounds like a church everyone can get into!

Deb said...

One more Nikki Nits!!!

Coralene said...

Oh man. I'm even worse then... I made a dress for myself, and I'm also sewing matching dresses for my daughter and my cat. And my cat is a boy.

Sarah said...

You people are so sad! Start going to church and getting right with God.

Phil and Jennifer said...

I am so laughing at this post! I have always thought dressing like your kids was a bit over the top. UNTIL....this week! My daughter is 4 years old and Asian. I adopted her. She is really struggling this week that we don't look alike. She watches what I wear and tries to match lately. Yesterday, she finally fell apart crying that she and I are so different appearing. She was most upset that her skin is brown and my is "blonde." Finally, I was able to calm her down by explaining that there are other ways we can be alike. I thought I would surprise her with matching outfits on Mother's Day. so Wha-la...I'm doing what I NEVER DREAMED I would do! the internet for matching outfits! And you busted me. :)