Sunday, September 28, 2008

What we ate this week

This is sort of an experimental post that I'm hoping will address a problem we've been having lately. I cook dinner almost every night, and about once a week I nearly collapse from creative exhaustion: I'm out of ideas. I just can't possibly do it anymore. Let's order pizza. I call Husband on the phone: "What should I make for dinner?" And he always answers "How about pork chops?" which is not a very useful response since I think most pork chops require brining to be really good, and I'm usually calling him with this question at about 4:00 in the afternoon from work.

So, I was thinking that maybe if I kept a log of what we eat, when I am lacking inspiration, I can go back to previous menus. Same for when I entertain—those Sunday dinners I make for the MIL could come in handy.

Alright! Here we go:


It's a Greek Sunday dinner at the Fig house!

Appetizer: homemade babaganoush (now that's a killer recipe; I'll post it the
next time I make it and snap a pic.), sliced baguette, fresh radishes, green
onions, kalamata olives

Spanakopita (recipes for this don't vary too much, but this site has lovely music)

Grilled lamb meat balls

Yogurt dill sauce

Fresh tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and black flaked salt

Green salad

Dessert: Fresh pear and fig, parmesan reggiano and manouri cheeses


Marinated grilled chicken

Marinated grilled eggplant

Whole wheat couscous with feta, tomatoes, and fresh mint

Green salad with pomegranate seeds


Southeast Asian Beef Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Rice noodles in peanut sauce (sauce is from a big batch I made a while ago and stacked up in the freezer)

Angel hair pasta with roasted yellow and green squash, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, diced manouri cheese, kalamata olives, capers, grated parmesan, lemon juice, and olive oil—I know. I sounds like too many ingredients, but it was really good!

Fennel braised in white wine
Green salad


Grilled scallops with Pimenton Aioli (from last week's New York Times food section recipe, except they used swordfish)

Steamed broccoli

Rice cooked in chicken stock


Sophie and Husband had a date night: swimming at the YMCA and our dinner at our favorite taqueria. I had leftover pasta while watching the debate.


Sophie was at a sleepover, so Husband and I had a date night (he really gets around, doesn't he?). We pigged out at our favorite Chinese restaurant, known for great food and surly service, which you don't mind because their Peking Duck is so amazing.

That was our week in food, folks. If you'd like recipes for any of the above, let me know!


Mo said...

So um, when should I be over for dinner?

Cate said...

I'd love to see your peanut sauce recipe, if you get a chance.

I started a similar file of dinner ideas just a couple of days ago -- great minds!

Jenn said...

Cindy, you amaze me. I would like to eat like this once a week, let alone every day. Monday's dinner sounds scrumptious!

purpleflowers said...

Hi Cindy:
I'd appreciate your peanut sauce recipe.
Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Dinner at your house looks amazing!! Ahhh... I love cooking too!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Will you adopt me? I want to eat at your house!! It all sounds delish!

I LOVE spanikopita- it was one of the first recipes I memorized as a kid because I requested to cook it so often!

Cal mom said...

May I eat at your house? I get into cooking ruts and have to rummage through old recipes and new mags for inspiration. Keep us up to date on your meals, a new source of inspiration for me!

Elliott said...

OMG - adopt me. I wash a mean dish and take out the trash without being asked.

Jackie said...

I was just thinking the other day how hard it is to come up with new things for dinner. Trust me, your house is more creative than most!

J said...

Your Greek night looks amazing!

My mom has always written out her weekly meal plans on a Post-it and she never throws them away. They aren't detailed but it is a great way to come up with ideas. So I think you are on the right track!

KK said...

Ummmm, Cindy, why do you have to go and make the rest of us look sad and lazy? You would DIE if you saw our weekly meals! :)

Kate said...

I'd love the baba ganoush recipe! It's one of my favorite foods & I have yet to duplicate the version my local greek place makes.

Sabina said...

OMG Cindy, will you please, freakin, please be my wife. I would absolutely grant you lots of skiing, and spa days. I'd also volunteer at your child's school, AND drive carpool...and do your grocery shopping.

Lisbeth said...

If/when you have the time: I'm curious as to what goes into the Southeast Asian Beef Salad. It looks so delicious!

Jen Yu said...

whoa, you make some pretty nice dinners there. sometimes we just eat candy... i'm kidding!!! :) keeping a list is a very good way to jog your memory. when i remember that i actually have a log of past meals, it's amazing. but that is WHEN i remember. mmm, peking duck is sooooo good.