Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sophie and I out and about

As I said, it's so hard to stay on message these days with positive and lovely. But Sophie helped me out over the weekend by accompanying me on an outing to San Francisco's Chinatown.

We zipped over on BART, walked several blocks, only to find ourselves inadvertently in the middle of the Autumn Moon Festival. Add about 500 hundred people to this picture, and you've got the idea. There were some booths selling food and merchandise, but many more were selling things like car insurance, cell phone service, and checking accounts to neighborhood people.
But Sophie's great about hanging on to me, and we weaved our way through crowds as I explained to her that China is a very crowded place, and many cities streets are just like this!

We window shopped a bit and then—following the excellent advice of friend, which was confirmed by the street crossing guide— popped in here for dim sum.

Sophie and I both enjoyed the menu

and ordered four different dishes, among which these steamed shrimp dumplings were the best. I could have eaten an entire plate of them.

Having completely pigged out for just over $15 (when was the last time you did that in San Francisco??), we headed off to work on Sophie's shopping list.

We did lots of browsing, looking, and chatting but managed to come home with everything we set out to find, and then some.

Sophie's list included a Chinese dress and a parasol:

She also took a fancy to this lamp, which will look nice in her room.

We're pretty into green these days.

In the "and then some" category, we also saw these "dresses" that are intended to cover a wine bottle.
Deciding that was just plain silly, we thought one of them would make a lovely dress for someone waiting at home for us. (No, not Husband! He's too big!)

Suzie the Doll says it is what she has always dreamed of. My daughter is what I have always dreamed of: Sort of a little on-tap girlfriend, ready for any adventure, who will take me wherever we go focusing through the unhurried, curious eyes of a child. And will eat almost anything. 


Kate said...

I just love these posts - it's so wonderful to see a mother and daughter with a close bond, setting out and enjoying adventures and exploring the world. My own mom and I have that kind of relationship, and it's really something special for a child. It warms my heart to see it's special for the mom, too.

Jackie said...

That would be so funny to show up at a party with your wine bottle in a dress!

KK said...

You two are the cutest mother/daughter duo since Gilmore Girls went off the air! :)

My mom and sister are my two bestest friends!!!

The Mrs. said...

Sounds like the perfect day.

Jen Yu said...

awww, what a fun trip. you're such a cool mom! i really love all of the beautiful things sophie scored. nice taste, and she looks great in that dress. dim sum is good stuff. did you see some scary things roll past in the carts? i don't eat them either, but my mom and grandma do :)

Belle in Bloom said...

You are so lucky to have eachother. Your day sounds wonderful. Love it.

Angelina said...

Stop making me jealous!

Sophie is so beautiful!

China Town in SF has always been one of my favorite places in the world.

tulipmom said...

"My daughter is what I have always dreamed of: Sort of a little on-tap girlfriend, ready for any adventure, who will take me wherever we go focusing through the unhurried, curious eyes of a child."

Best line ever.

KSK said...

Oh, I love the City so - miss it! Love Sophie's new dress, too - looks wonderful on her.

I perhaps need to read back further in your blog, but your first line about staying positive -- have you had bad news of late? Or? Hope not!

tommie said...

Sounds like a great day trip!

We used to live in Pleasanton...this totally made me miss the area.

preppy little dress said...

great photos of SF's chinatown, never been thanks for sharing!