Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ode to my travel toothbrush

So since I have recently returned from a trip, my travel toothbrush is on my mind (read: my cosmetic case is still on my bathroom counter, with contents widely spread). At home I'm an electric brush gal (can't be bothered to move my wrist enough for a good brush), but on the road there's nothing better than this:

What is so great is that not only does it come in a profusion of designs (I have the insect one) but it's a damn fine toothbrush. Although I've had mine for over six months, the bristles are still intact and standing at attention, and I'm pretty hard on toothbrushes—even though the hygienists tells me not to, I really saw away. And they come in a perfect little clear tube with a screw top, so they don't collect hair and cookie crumbs in the bottom of your purse or overnight bag.

Oprah even lists these under "25$ and under" in her holiday gift recommendations! Says they make perfect stocking stuffers. I just don't see Oprah giving Gail a toothbrush for Christmas, but I'd be happy if she sent me one.

Here's some of the other design available:

The manufacturer has some cute stuff at Creations by Alan Stewart, but the toothbrushes are by far the best in my opinion.

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