Monday, November 26, 2007

I was Enchanted

by Enchanted, which a large group of us went to see Friday afternoon. What better way to burn off some calories, right?

It was hilarious, but the sight of my husband groaning and then sinking further into his seat when yet another musical number would begin was almost as funny ("Too much singing!!" which is also what he said at the opera). I thought the concept of a real person spouting Disney Princessisms was priceless. It reminded me of several years ago when my daughter and I were driving somewhere and got lost. I of course started to swear a blue streak, and my daughter calmly pointed out that if I just followed my dreams, everything would be fine.


lisagh said...

I saw and loved Enchanted as well. The real beauty of it to me was they managed to poke fun and pay homage to the genre all at the same time!

Oh yeah, that plus Patrick Dempsey. YUM!

Anonymous said...

Why, Cindy! A BLOG! You border collie, you. Well, this is all very exciting. I'll have to bookmark it, next to another of my favorite blogs on, "Malaria, Bedbugs, Sealice and Sunsets." I'm generally more of a "lurker" than a commenter, but rest assured, I will keep coming back for more, even if I'm not pinging you every day with "right on, cindy!"


Your friend in cyberspace, Janine

Anonymous said...

OH MY GAWD! Pie, stage-mom, and blogger too! I'm with Janine - much more of a lurker - but wow,I'm so impressed!

RIGHT ON G'Friend!

Aunt Boo