Friday, November 16, 2007

Cancel a catalog, save a tree

While it's great that we have curbside mixed paper recycling in Berkeley, the organization Catalog Choice makes it easy to take things one step further and eliminate unwanted catalogs altogether. You can set up an account at and then select catalogs from their extensive database. You enter the name to which the catalog is addressed and the customer number if it is available; they take it from there and contact the catalog company to request your name removed from their list.

Of course there are some catalogs I really enjoy receiving. My personal favorites are Garnet Hill, Sundance, Boden, L.L. Bean, Hanna Andersson, and Williams-Sonoma, but I'm even thinking of canceling these since I'm pretty happy cruising their stuff on their websites. However, I've got to keep at least the Magic Cabin toy catalog since my little girl still likes to play the game I remember playing with the Sears Roebuck catalog when I was a kid: circle your favorite item on each page. Santa always appreciates the tips from this!

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