Friday, November 16, 2007

Getting started

So if there is one thing I absolutely do not have time to do, it's create and maintain a blog!! But I'm sort of a border collie-type person: I like to be busy. Really, really busy.

But I'm not particulary adept with the digital photo business, and I've always admired people who post beautiful photographs to accompany the commentary on their blog. I want to get this figured out though because I think a blog is a wonderful way to document one's life and well as connect with a larger community.

So I'm diving in, with the aim of recording the good, the crazy, the inspiring, and the tasty in my small life.

1 comment:

ElleBee said...

Found your blog through English Tea. Welcome to the Blogosphere! I'm not great with digital photos either, but blogging is a great release for me. Looking forward to reading more from you!