Monday, November 26, 2007

Around the Table with Santa

Big S's Cousin L works at a wonderful restaurant in Camas, WA (right next to Vancouver) called Around the Table. It's much more than a restaurant though and covers just about everything I love about food. The subtitle of their logo reads, "Celebrating Food and Community" and captures the spirit behind all that they do, which includes a lunch cafe, Friday and Saturday gatherings where a fixed price meal is served family-style at communal tables, catering, cooking classes for children and adults, take-home meals, holiday appetizers to take home and freeze, and renting their kitchen to local culinary entrepenuers.

We were there Saturday morning for their Breakfast with Santa. In addition to a delicious breakfast buffet, kids got to have a nice chat with Santa—not just the 30 second version they get at the mall.

And the man in this picture may or may not be my husband. Don't tell him, ok?

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Libby said...

Your photos from thanksgiving are fabulous, that bird looks completely scrumptious- I've never heard of preparing it that way, I must investigate at once!

D. and I drove from Portland to San Fran this summer and the only thing that stands out for me on all of I-5 is Mt. Shashta. (On the way back we went via Sonoma and then Humboldt Bay, through the red wood forest, wow, was that scenic!)

Around the Table sounds like a wonderful place, I love family-style meals, plus cooking classes, who could ask for more! - you guys clearly ate really well, from those cinnamon buns and bacon to the turkey to Breakfast with Santa, I'm impressed!

ps: the secret photo of the handsome guy who may or may not be your husband is safe with me! ;)