Sunday, November 23, 2008

My body is frosting cupcakes;
my mind is still riding rollercoasters

Tickety, tickety, tickety, tickety, tickety, tickety . . . WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! No. Oh, no. No, no. WAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Not happy. OK, that's enough. WAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, blogger and real life friend Gwendomama was up in my neck of the woods for a wedding, after which we took our kids to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to ride roller coasters, visit Thomas the Train land, and get scared silly by bands marauding ghouls in celebration of the upcoming Halloween. So scared, in fact, that Gwendomama—the master of consumer complaints—(you guessed it) complained. Too scary for small kids, difficult if not impossible at times to push a stroller through. To the effect that she was offered FREE TICKETS to come again for what was hoped would be a more pleasurable experience. Today we took advantage of our free tickets for a do-over trip. The ghouls were gone, the Christmas decorations not completely up, and the park nearly empty, leaving us to walk right onto the best roller coasters limited not by how long we could stand waiting in line but by to what extent our stomachs could hold up. Mine isn't quite what it used to be. Sophie and Gwendomama outlasted me on Medusa, the park's crown jewel, a bottomless coaster from which your feet hang free.

Fortunately I survived to come home and finish the snack I started baking last night for Sophie's class tomorrow. The last time Gwendomama was here, she bought me these fabulous miniature ice cream cones, which I had seen on her blog but was unable to find in stores in my area. Each cone is about two inches tall—perfect for a bit or two, but not much more, of ice cream. She has generously outfitted me with mini cones for the next year or so.

I baked pumpkin bread batter in them (standing them up in a mini muffin pan for baking). If this were a baking project for something other than the class snack, I would frost these with a cream cheese icing, but since we're supposed to keep it relatively healthy (don't tell anyone how much sugar is in that pumpkin bread), I piped cream cheese whipped with a little honey, vanilla, and softened butter on top.

Sophie is very excited to take them. No one, it appears, has ever brought them before.

So can I get back to Thanksgiving now?


The Mrs. said...

I don't know what the hell happened to me but I cannot do roller coasters anymore. Cannot do it! You are brave....those mini ice cream cones are brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to live in your house, only to sample all the amazing treats you cook!

Anonymous said...

Sitting here at work - I should be grading but instead am eating pumpkin pie and reading blogs (it's my work period, so don't worry, no students are watching my naughtiness).

The pumpkin bread treats are so cute! I am certainly going to be trying those in future. Sophie's red toile top I, of course, love. Think you are right about the houndstooth headband. I admire your Thanksgiving prep and wish I was half so forward in my preparations... I just ordered our turkey from the coop yesterday. My mother is arriving this evening and the house is a mess. I'm definitely slipping... this is what happens when I teach every day. God only knows what will happen if I ever go back full time...

Jen Yu said...

I love the feeling of being a test particle in a force diagram (rollercoasters)!! Your ice cream cone cupcake idea is brilliant. How clever and cute. Yes, back to t-giving... My bird is in the oven.