Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another diversion: cupcakes,
a party, and opera friends

Another necessary break from Thanksgiving planning. Sophie has been invited to a party for all children who served as supernumeraries in San Francisco Opera's past season. As if being in an opera wasn't fun enough.

There will be several of her fellow castmates from Das Rheingold who Sophie is excited to see. They got to be pretty friendly during all those hours in the dressing room, in line for hair and makeup, and waiting in lines to do it all over and over and over.

Parents have been asked to bring something. Of course I thought first of opera cake. That would be fun, and Jen, who has made it, could help me.

But instead I made two dozen cupcakes, which are loaded into their double-decker traveling case and ready for a subway ride over to the city.

Kids will lick off the frosting, toss the cakes, never noticing that one half are a delicious chocolate sour cream and the other a yellow vanilla. But not being a big frosting eater, I'm always happy to eat the cupcake my child has licked clean. We work well together that way.

When we get home, it will be back to Thanksgiving prep. The silver is polished, and it's time to work on table linens.


gwendomama said...

Be sure to get a good night sleep. Because you are TOTALLY going back on Tony Hawk's BIG SPIN tomorrow.

You are welcome to hold off on lunch until after you have ridden, but you ARE going.
I might even have to spring for the video this time......

Cindy said...

I'm quesy just thinking about it, but I'LL DO IT!! Can't wait!!

Deb said...

I want a cupcake. Either kind.

Ginny said...

How cool that Sophie was in an opera and kept her friendships. My son, Thomas was in the opera Hansel and Gretel at the Met at around Sophie's age during Christmas Season. And as far as the cupcakes, to a kid, the frosting is the best part and we get to cheat on our diets by eating the rest, right?

Jen Yu said...

Answer me this: Why aren't we neighbors? How fun would it be to cook and bake together? I haven't been doing much cake baking. It sort of got shaken out of my system. I'll be at it again shortly. Da-ang! I would love one of those beauitful cupcakies. You are such a great mom.