Monday, August 24, 2009

The inmates are running the asylum

And I mean RUNNING!

It is hard to get a picture of our new inmates, two Ocicat kittens, that is in focus. They do not stop their running of races and general destruction of our home.

They are just like all toddlers—into everything. What were we thinking??

But every once in a while they stop in for a cuddle.

Or sometimes a cup of coffee. We've decided being in control is definitely overrated.


Kristin said...

They're adorable! So what did you name them?!

Amy said...

Oh Cindy they are adorable! It's great that you have two of them so they can keep each other company and learn proper socialization or at least better than if they were alone.

I'm wondering what you named them?

Lily said...

They are the cutest kitties! Their markings are beautiful! What are their names?

k e r r y said...

Now I want a kitty!

Midge said...

Here comes trouble! They are adorable!

Kate said...

Nothing better than kitties! They liven up the place.

Anonymous said...

Loved all pictures! I am a dog person, but if I had a huge place, I think I would get all sorts of pets, living in harmony. Sort of... :-)

adozeneggs said...

I have to say, I've seen the cat in the dishwasher licking dirty dishes too many times in our house.
But I've never had one on my head!!
They're too cute, I love the markings!