Friday, August 14, 2009

About a cake

Right next to my local produce market and my subscriptions to Bon Appetit and Cook's Illustrated, bloggers often provide me with what I occasionally run out of in the kitchen . . . inspiration. My book group was meeting at the home of someone who particularly likes cake. I needed help.

I've made hundreds of cakes in my day and have shelves of cookbooks, but sometimes I'm reduced to total stupidity by a simple situation: "I dunno. A cake. I need to make a cake." The last cake I made was chocolate. I wanted to make something different. Summery. Maybe lemon.

Thank you, Jen at for this: Triple Layer Lemon Cake. Because she is so fancy, she made individual cakes in little plastic tubes, but the recipe was easily converted to a regular-sized triple layer cake. What I love is that she takes parts of the recipe—cake, lemon curd, and frosting—from three sources to give you the best of each. She has a super smart recipe index, with pictures of each dish. She never fails to remind me that food can be delicious, beautiful, and fun.

Someone in my house had eaten too many eggs, and I did not have enough to make my own lemon curd. I used store-bought, and it was fine. However, I'm now stocked with eggs and lemons, so I'll be trying the curd soon.

But I did have lots of blueberries, which I piled on top of the frosting before it dried (so they stick on) and topped with some lemon zest.

And then before I left the house, I remembered that it was the birthday of an old friend I've caught up with on Facebook. I stuck in a candle, lit it, sang Happy Birthday, took a snap and posted it on his wall. Much better than sending a cartoon bouquet of flowers or drink, don't you think?


Purple Flowers said...

Yes to your friend.
And that cake looks divine. My Hubby baked your recipe for chocolate cake, and it was delicious!! In between layers, he put fresh raspberries and whipped cream. I added alittle vanilla and cinnamon into the whipped cream. We didn't use the cream cheese frosting because my Mother's not a fan of cream cheese. Thank you very much for this delicious recipe. It's a keeper!

Kate said...

Definitely better than any of the FB "gifts!" I will have to make this one...I'm a sucker for anything lemony. Humid days like this call of a shot of limoncello in some sparkling water in the afternoon!

ElleBee said...

Looks absolutely delish! Blueberries and lemon are one of my favorite flavor combos.

Midge said...

That looks fantastic! I love the lemon zest curls.

Trevor said...

As the FB friend in question I have to say that getting a virtual cake was lots of fun!! Thank you!! I have the recipe for your "Dad's Cake" in my 'to do' file. Perhaps I'll be making it for your virtual birthday cake!

Laura [What I Like] said...

Oh it just looks beautiful! I love all of the blueberries on evokes the bounty of summer perfectly.

Trish said...

Did you know you could make lemon curd in the microwave? It's really good and only takes a fraction of the time of stovetop -- and for some reason I have a lot less trouble with curdling.