Sunday, August 16, 2009

An important announcement regarding summer cocktails

I confess: I've been holding out. I'm on to a great new blog, and I haven't told anyone about it. Sometimes I'm selfish that way.

I've caught up with an old friend from high school on CrackFacebook, and we've had an excellent time catching up but an even better time connecting over our current passions of food and entertaining. And cocktails.

In fact, this weekend we had sort of a cocktail mind meld. He had posted a picture of a watermelon martini on Facebook (we both have folders called "I made it"). For Sunday dinner with the MIL, I made shrimp and cotija enchiladas with salsa verde and browned butter and lime with fresh corn.

For appetizers, I served seared queso fresco with cilantro mojo

and these wonderful miniature peppers sauteed in a little olive oil and sprinkled with salt.

Pondering cocktails and spying a large seedless watermelon on my counter, I remembered my friend's martini picture on FB. I went to his FB album and announced that I needed that watermelon martini recipe. He replied back "Just posted it on the blog." Alright then.

I got right to work. The watermelon chunks took a quick trip through the food processor and then a wire strainer. The juice, along with fresh squeezed lime juice and simple syrup, could chill the afternoon in the fridge until cocktail time.

Delicious! And a perfect alternative with a Mexican menu to the traditional margarita. For the exact recipe and a picture that does not look like it was taken by someone who had too many of these, visit my friend here. And tell him hi.


Kate said...

That menu looks incredible - I am so envious of your cooking skills and endless creativity!

Midge said...

We tried making watermelon cocktails last summer and they were sooooo insanely sweet. I think adding the lime juice would be great for cutting that a bit.

Adrienne said...

That martini looks pretty AND delicious!

Trevor said...

Wow. What a lovely surprise to see this post! Cocktail mind meld indeed!

Midge, the citron vodka cuts the sweetness as well. If you lucky enough to get one of those 'watermelony' watermelons we all crave you can cut the simple syrup some too.

Cindy said...

Trev, I was about to say the SAME THING. The sweetness was just right, not too.

Amy said...

The watermelon martini is so pretty and I'm sure delicious but what I really liked the look of were your enchiladas. Yummers!