Friday, August 21, 2009

Call me Helen

I think Helen Roper on Three's Company was one of the best Helens ever. Remember that show? I'm old enough to remember adults being really scandalized by it—young men and women living together and reference to someone being gay (of course no one actually was gay, and I swear I don't think they ever used the word "gay"). It was truly one of the lamest shows ever. Husband's uncle played a character named Maurice, the French guy who lived upstairs, in an episode titled "Lee Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother." Jack's brother Lee comes to town, hits on Chrissie, Jack gets jealous but can't do anything about it because remember he's supposed to be gay, hahahahahaha.

The Ropers even got their own show, which probably sucked almost as much as the original one. Thank goodness Helen Roper is remembered most for her fabulous floating caftans.
Which I am clearly trying to channel with my latest purchases from the Boden sale. Yes, I had to buy them in crazy big sizes, but that's ok because they're caftans. I'm wearing the purple one today with a pair of lime green flipflops. I think they'll be great with jeans or white capris too.

A little diversion from back-to-school shopping for Sophie. At least I fessed up.


lisagh said...

Those are fantastic!

And Three's Company? Loved that show. My favorite moment? When they were accidentally handcuffed tot he bathroom sink and Mr. Furley comes bursting in the apt. with goggles on and a fiery blow torch announcing "I'm here to cut the..." then sees the police and injects, "... roast beef!"


Rachella said...

I love these -- They don't seem to be sold at Boden UK.