Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm back, and I want a pin cushion

And so will you when you click over to see what Ms. Lisagh McCrafty at the Grosgrain Garage is offering up for FREE to a winner to be drawn at (cough cough) random. Yes, it's a pin cushion. And I want it. Please note that I post this with great ambivalence because the more people who play, the less my chance of winning. BUT if over 100 people sign up before midnight, she will include with the pin cushion a fabulous apron that I think would look really smart on me. But also I'm just a really generous person and I want everyone to have a shot at the pin cushion. And I want that apron too. 

Oh, but wait. There's a hitch. If you win the pin cushion (and perhaps the apron), then you have to host your own giveaway. Sort of a pay-it-forward thing. I've got my giveaway all figured out. Meyer lemons and a little bottle of my homemade limoncello. Since I cannot sew, knit, crochet, or even use a glue gun with any competence whatsoever. So click over there now, sign up, and then check back tomorrow to see me win. Because I've just got a feeling about this one.

Four-day ski "weekend" report, with pictures, including an account of how Husband endangered Sophie's life to the extent that he received a sharp rebuke from the ski patrol (in addition to endless berating from me and a sentence to spend the rest of the afternoon chasing kids around the mountain on cruisers).


lisagh said...

You are hilarious. You haven't even commented yet you silly git!

Cindy said...

I did comment! Someone ate my comment. It's a conspiracy!! A vast pin cushion conspiracy.

KK said...

I'm totally lusting over the apron. So you better watch out!

lisagh said...

Cindy you are cracking me up today! You want to add 70 more comments to my post? Go to town!!! ha ha.

I thought I'd for sure have more comments... with over 500 hits a day, you'd think I could muster up 100 measly hellos!

Oh well.

Monica said...

Uh-oh...BAD husband. My hubby used to put the infant seat in the car, without frigging BUCKLING it! Let's ship them off to an island, shall we?

Ned said...

Do tell about hubby. Mine let our 8 yr old PARASAIL! I really thought I was having a heart attack.

Trish said...

ACK! I'm so sorry Cindy!!! I never win anything, I don't even get that "feeling" like I will win something.

But please do stop by my blog as I'll be putting together my Pay it Forward contest in the next day or so.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Oh, pishaw, SKI PATROL. Whatever. Those guys are a bunch of stiffs.

I can't use a glue gun either. Good thing I'm not a scrapbooker.

They use "scrapbook" as a verb here in Utah.

Angelina said...

Pin cushions are pretty great, but if you don't sew or do anything requiring a pin- what do you want one for?

I'm going to be putting together some packages soon and I have one for you. I feel bad that you have to wait for so long to get your blueberries so I have something to tide you over.

I checked on my limoncello a couple of days ago and it smells divine- though I admit that it does look suspiciously like it could have been a specimen from the doctor's office. Well, either that or liquid sunshine (is that what you called it?)