Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I did not win the pin cushion;
and, why I wanted it anyway

Are you surprised? I am. I entered four times, which I think ought to have been enough. But since I am such a good sport, I am happy that Trish won. We'll have to keep our eye on her because now she has to host a giveaway.

In answer to Angelina's excellent question of why someone who cannot sew would want a pin cushion anyway, the situation is basically this
  • I want to learn to sew. Really. Very much. And sew I promised myself that if I won that pin cushion I would finally sign up for the sewing class I have been eying for months but not signing up for because . . . I am really busy, I am afraid that I might lose control of the machine and sew over my fingers, I might buy all this fabric and supplies and then do nothing except make a big mess. But I might still sign up for that class (I would get to make a pillow—that sounds pretty advanced, don't you think?) if I can get my anxiety under control. There must be medication for this.

  • Husband know how to sew and might appreciate a pin cushion. I bought him a new sewing machine for his birthday last year, and he sews all Sophie's costumes for school plays. To him it's just another machine, another construction project.

  • That pin cushion is just so damn cute I thought I could be happy just sitting there and looking at it.
But in the meantime, I'm cheered immensely to hear that Angelina is sending me something! To tide me over while I wait for my blueberries from our California/Oregon Meyer lemon/blueberry swap. Wheee!

And her mention of her limoncello reminds me that I need to check the batch I've got going. We're making limoncello together, you see. Here's mine, and here's hers. I've got about a couple of weeks jump on her, and it's time for phase two of mine.

Sooooo, coming up: the ski report including Husband's irresponsible behavior (really), limoncello phase two, and my new hair (low lights added to highlights to begin the return to what we believe is my natural color and a little layering at the bottom).


lisagh said...

I think people that don't sew might have more reason for a pin cushion. Lots of pins to pin the stuff together that you really should be sewing.

Make sense?

MsMVNJ said...

Take the class! There's an XYZ drug for everything ;-)

On a different note - your influence got me started getting a produce boxes and it starts this week. So excited!!

Angelina said...

I think you should take that class too. But that's pretty awesome that your husband sews. Mine wants to learn. I was thinking I should teach him and then make him do all my sewing projects.

I can't wait to see pictures of phase two of the Limoncello!