Thursday, April 17, 2008

Adios to Husband

No, we're not getting the divorce we've been talking about. (We often end fights asking the other "So! Do you want a divorce?!" with the other answering "Not right now! Maybe later!" We think this is really funny, but in all seriousness I never would have gotten married if I didn't also think I could get divorced. So if I stay married, it's because I want to be, not because I think I have to be or don't feel that I have options. Very important.)

Anywhoo, no—he's on a Dude Trip. Meaning that he took off with his dude friends for a long weekend of skiing, camping, hot springs soaking, and hiking at Mammoth. One of the dudes is turning 50, so the shebang is in celebration of that. And even though this means that Husband skis and I don't (something I usually do not tolerate), I was happy to send him off on this trip for several reasons:
  • I love all these guys. If I weren't married to Husband, I'd probably marry any of them.

  • It's going to be butt ass cold at night. I sent Husband off with both of our bags to use one inside the other, and I'm still worried he'll be cold.

  • I'm really not interested in putting on a pair of cramp-ons and climbing half a day to bag a run I can barely ski anyway.

  • Every once in a while a dude needs a dude trip.
However, the following has not been lost on me:
  • As I noted, they will be skiing, and I will not. (He took the racks off my car and put my skis in the closet. Sniff!)

  • They will be in the eastern Sierras, which I really love, and I will not.

  • They will be soaking in wild hot springs (the ultimate for wilderness camping: you get into your bag at night clean), and I will not.
And I miss him already. Sort of. I'm still trying to get my mind around our conversations (if they can be called that) concerning vehicles, which took place a few days ago.

Me: I notice Eric thinks you are driving the CRV. Which is my car.

Husband: Yes, we're thinking about that. Would that be ok with you?

Me: Sure. It would cost much less in gas than your truck.
And then a little later:
Me: You realize don't you that if you take my car I will have to drive your truck while you are gone.

Husband: Yes, I had thought about that. That will not work. I do not want you driving my truck.

Me: Are you aware that our life will not come to a sudden halt because you are not here?

Husband: Can't you just ride your scooter?
Right. With a carpool load of kids to school. And over the bridge to Marin on the weekend to take Sophie and a friend to a party. Duh. So he's gone now. In his truck.

Stay tuned for the exciting plans Sophie and I have for the weekend. We're starting off with her sleeping in Husband's place in our bed. As she said "We can sleep in a hug all night." Good night.


dmmlandcruiser said...

Girls Weekend for you! Have a wonderful time!

Stylinmama said...

That is the cutest comment ever from your daughter! Have a great weekend with your daughter. We are alone here tonight too, but with a 1.5 year old, it is a bit different.

Libby said...

For a moment I had this fabulous image of you and all your carpool kids carefully balanced on you scooter, zooming along at top speed, wearing helmets of course, and looking like something right of the pages of a Dr. Seuss book!

Can't wait to read about the girls weekend- soaking in hot springs has got nothing on a good ol' fashioned girls weekend... well... almost nothing. ;)

Kate said...

Have a fun girls' weekend! We are doing that next weekend at my SIL's house - both our husbands have to work all weekend, so She & her 3 daughters and Caroline & Finn and I are going to have a big slumber party. So - 6 girls and one little prince:)

KatieGirlBlue said...

Ok, yes, skiing in the Eastern Sierra is pretty cool, but I've been to those hot springs, Cindy - they smell like rotten eggs.

And "sleeping in a hug all night?" While NOT camping in sub-freezing temps? Sounds dreamy.

I'm flying into SFO today, heading to Yosemite. Can't wait to spend the afternoon in your fair city!

Kate said...

Sophie's comment is too sweet for words.

MixinMike said...

That's so funny! Maybe you should have put HIM on the scooter, just picture it with all his gear!!

Sounds like he needs the time to himself and his friends, maybe he won't want to divorce you afterall! Have a great weekend!!

Jen Yu said...

I love what Sophie said!

I have to agree with KGBlue that the hot springs stu-ink not to mention clean is debatable.

Hope you gals have a great weekend. I could think of a thousand things to do in the Bay Area! I love it there (go say hi to my grandma)!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your mom/daughter time! Love Sophie's comment - made me go "awww."

gwendomama said...

awesome! i love those all night hugs too...when there aren't FOUR PEOPLE in the bed!
the truck conversation? HILARIOUS. much like the laptop conversations which take place in our house (which, obviously, are less hilarious).

my children are about to thank me - after mama got one girls night out, she is already taking another one this week, and then of course who can forget blogher's fabulous offering of TWO NIGHTS AWAY from your family? ahh july, why do you taunt me with your distance?

now if i can just get my EMT friend to stay here in my absence, i just might get soem sleep.

Angelina said...

You'll have such a great girls' week-end! You could pretend your bath is a spa and take a hot bath and drink a bottle of champagne while you're in it.