Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My idea of a fall craft

Why not soak chopped figs in vodka?

These figs transitioned nicely

over my cutting board

and into a Mason jar of vodka where they will live happily for the next month or so . . . maybe longer. At which time I will strain them through cheesecloth, give the worms in my compost something to think about, and—I hope—happily imbibe this taste of fall into the wee winter months.

No glue required.


Kate said...

Yummy! I have some homemade rhubarb schnapps put away for a wintery day too.

Midge said...

Yummmm. Are the figs fresh from your yard?

TC said...

Ohhhhh YUM.

You have the best ideas.

And, even though you probably don't know me from Adam, I just wanted to tell you that all your rhapsodizing over figs all these years has wormed its way into my head, so that I dropped what is for me a nice chunk of change on a basketfull at the farmer's market last weekend...and am now a COMPLETE figaholic.

Thank you for this, and for that.