Friday, October 30, 2009

What I hankered for

State Farm paid me more than I needed to fix my motor scooter after a client of their so rudely backed her minivan over it. It didn't ask or expect them to—they just did! Whee!

I banked most of my windfall into the Fig Scooter Trust Fund (these little Italian bikes save a ton on gas and parking but are quite expensive to maintain) but diverted just enough to treat myself to something I have wanted for years:

A pair of these.

I have an old pair of boots that is wearing out and no longer keeps my feet dry in the rain, so the time seemed right to indulge myself.

And I would just like to say THEY ROCK! Sturdy and comfortable, with a great hard rubber sole that is perfect for winter scooter riding. There's nothing harder than trying to kick the bike back onto its stand with a slick leather sole. And these boots will probably last a life time. My only complaint is that with my high instep they're a battle to get on. I can deal with it now, but I'm concerned that my nursing attendants in the home may have trouble getting them on me, and I want to be sure to be wearing them when they wheel me down the hall for meals. Maybe I can have some discrete little zippers put on the back.

They also look fabulous—great with jeans or a long skirt. And sort of western but not too cowboy, which would be sort of silly.

And I like the snap they put in my step. Actually more than a snap—more like a little two step.

Pick it up at
When I'm slow on the draw and I need something to chaw,
I hanker for a hunk of cheese!
. . .
When my get up and go has got up and went,
I hanker for a hunk of cheese!
When I'm dancin' the hoedown and my boots kinda slow down,
Or anytime I'm weak in the knees,
I hanker for a hunk of,
A slab, a slice, a chuck of
A snack that is a winner,
And yet won't spoil my dinner,
I hanker for a hunk of cheese!
Oh, well. We can't all take our fashion inspiration from Ralph Lauren.


Kate said...

I have a pair of Frye Campus boots that I wear a lot this time of year...but I love those Harness boots...may have to go on my Christmas list!

Purple Flowers said...

These boots are shit-kickin'
I love them!

What is Sophie going to be for Halloween?

lisagh said...

I love that little movie... I can totally see you struttin' in yer boots singing along ;)

Kalee said...

I keep hearing how great Frye boots are, so I may have to look into these. I love the style!

Laura [What I Like] said...

Oh those are perfection! Perfect for some street stomping, you certainly wouldn't have too many people messing with you with a pair of those on.

adozeneggs said...

Love the video. I think I sang along and knew every word.
Nice boots too.

sutros said...

A good story

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