Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 travel list

Another annual list demonstrating that we are neither globe trotters nor luxury travelers. But we like where we go and how we go.

Newport Beach, CA (my parents live here)

Homewood, CA (the ski cabin we rent so often it feels like home)

Incline, NV

Berkeley Tuolemne Camp (near Yosemite; we weren't able to go for our summer trip but pitched in at the Memorial Day work weekend to help get camp ready to open)

Ten-Mile Hotspring (near Wells, NV)

Grand Tetons (Jenny Lake)

Yellowstone (Slough Creek)

Hawley Mountain Guest Ranch, (sort of) near McLeod, MT

Comptche, CA (our good friends have a weekend house here)

Cayucos, CA
It's been a great year. No European tours or Mexican spa vacations, but our family pod did get to spend plenty of time together in tents and ski cabins and with good friends.


ms. mindless said...

looks like it was a great travel year then!

Heather said...

Oh, what beautiful scenery!

Broady said...

WOW. What an awesome set of travels in one year. Hopefully it will inspire me to do some outdoorsey travel this year!

adozeneggs said...

Every place looks amazing. I only wish I could take a vacation!!