Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sophie has left the building

Sophie left this morning for a week at my parents' house down in Newport Beach. On a plane. By herself. "An unaccompanied minor!!!" as she likes to explain to anyone who shows the slightest interest in where she is going with her new purse, backpack, and violin.

So for a while there will be no doll parties around here.

And the Fix It Up Grooming Shop, where I do all business of this type (often much to my great aggravation when I am trying to get dinner on the table), will be closed.

So you would think I could get a few things done around the house. It's not that I can't find anything to do.

There's canning to be done,

vin de peche to bottle,



the fish tank looks like crap,

and I was supposed to go for a run.

But nooooooooo. After Husband and I got home from the airport, I indulged in a cycle of sloth. I crawled into bed and alternated reading and napping for longer than I'm willing to admit. (Good book so far.)

My dad finally called to report that Sophie was happily ensconced at the IHOP across the street from the airport, tucking into pancakes topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

And I got another call a while later with news that made me feel not so bad about taking pictures of Sophie at the airport using a camera with no memory chip. My dad, who updates his website about twice a year, has posted news of Sophie's arrival. (Check out the little picture on the top banner that turns my parents to stone when you roll over it. And say hi while you're there. He doesn't get many comments.)

She looks kind of happy, no? OK, big breath. Canning.


tommie said...

Sounds like a great deal of work to be done will help pass the time.

PS, I can't believe you don't have a cell phone. I feel naked without mine!

purpleflowers said...

Hi Cindy:
I have been reading your blog this summer, and really enjoy it. You have made me laugh, and also have given me some very tasty recipes. I also want to tell you that I think you and husband are doing a terrific job raising Sophie. She seems to have confidence, curiosity and joy in her life. That does not just happen nowadays. It's concerned parents like you who "pay attention". How refreshing it is to see a kid who looks her age, and not like a wanna be tv starlet. Kudos to you and Husband.

KSK said...

She looks quite delighted - probably will get some lovely spoiling! (My daughter plays violin, too! Has since she was 5.)

Darrin said...

SO MUCH to do and no motivation to do it. LOL! I have the same problem... ESPECIALLY when the kiddo's are gone!

tulipmom said...

Were you a nervous wreck until she landed safely?

She looks like she's having a wonderful time.

T. just spent a week in Kentucky with D's parents. The only difference is Grandma had to fly here to accompany him on the plane and D. had to fly there to bring him home. But still ... it was the longest he's ever been away from us.

Jackie said...

She looks very happy indeed.

I'm reading that same book right now!

I Love Your Whole Face said...

Hey Cindy,
My tomatoes all turned red at one time (go figure). Any good ideas, because there is no way I can eat them all before they go bad. email me at when you get a chance. toodles!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Sophie has a great time with her grandparents! Though my grandma only lived 25 miles away, I LOVED spending weekends at her house as a kid.