Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting a jump on my favorite season

We three Figs popped out of bed this morning like jack-in-the-boxes. It's the start of California Ski's preseason sale!!! Start your engines!!!

This the Fig family's ski equipment headquarters. We love these guys. They will spend hours fitting you in the perfect boot and will never try to sell you gear you don't need. Their strategy of kickass customer service has clearly worked for us. Greg, the owner, introduced us to his daughter who was pitching in on the cash register, as "friends of the store," which means we buy a lot of stuff there.

Husband was determined to get in early to get the best season rental equipment for Sophie. Everyone agrees that she deserves to be kicked up this year to high-performance twin-tipped skis. She's now got big ideas about skiing backwards through the terrain park.

I had a separate agenda. Husband did not know how serious I was until I pulled out the plastic in response to Greg's advice "You really should just buy these." New powder skis!! I love my Volkls for carving, but they just sink in powder.

These babies should do the trick. Here are two happy girls.

Now all we need it a little lot of snow. Damn—it's still August, isn't it??


tommie said...

OMG, those are just pretty! Did you have to get a new jacket to match those rockin' skiis?

Jen Yu said...


gettin' ready for the pow!

waiting... :)