Saturday, April 3, 2010

Procrastination takes
the shape of wee vegetables

When I had finals to study for in college, it was always really important—urgent, really—to vacuum my dorm room.

It's the day before Easter, and I have tomorrow's dinner to get ready for, laundry to do, and a trip to pack for, and so

making vegetables out of marzipan cannot wait.

And, of course, things have escalated. What began as a carrot project soon involved potatoes

and then radishes.

In case you're also looking to waste time, there's a nicely illustrated explanation of how-to here. I used rosemary sprigs for the greenery.

Did I mention I completed my taxes this afternoon? And that I did them myself using TurboTax? And that it was actually really fun? I decided that I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars again being bossed around by a small woman at H.R. Block. But regardless of how delighted I am with myself, I did think I deserved a reward. And these were more fun that vacuuming.


Sis. Boom. said...

When my taxes were due I managed to clean out the garage, sort out the hall closet and make candied grapefruit peel. What are you doing with these?

Midge said...

So cute! I think the only thing I could manage would be the potato.

Anonymous said...

These mini-vegetables are adorable! You are so creative :)

Anonymous said...


Cindy said...

We just ate them!

KatieGirlBlue said...

Butterfluck cupcakes, marzipan veggies, AND you do your own taxes?

That's it, Cindy. I'm done. I can't read your blog anymore, you funny, creative, capable woman.

It's been nice knowing you.

(Hope Mammoth was fun! I love skiing there for the high ogling factor.)

Anonymous said...

Let's hear it for productive procrastination... DH would argue that I am the queen of this tactic!

Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

Those are lovely! I totally support that kind of procrastination.

Jackie said...

Those vegetables are so cute I want to pinch them :)
How did they taste?

adozeneggs said...

I find procrastination is the best time to polish the silver. Not when I actually NEED the silver polished.
Also, dill is a nice green for mini carrot tops.
Or so I've heard!!
Hope you had a great Easter.