Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lindsey who?

Lindsey Vonn Lindsey Vonn Lindsey Vonn Lindsey Vonn. You've heard of her, right? Obviously the media has as well. Eyes rolled in our house at the New York Times front-page article title that read

Vonn crashes out of super combined
U.S. teammate Mancuso wins silver

How about a rewrite on that:

Julia Mancuso wins silver to become the first woman Olympic skier ever to medal the three different races
Vonn crashes and does not finish race

Ok, that's probably too long, so how about this:

Mancuso wins silver
Vonn biffs

Julia Mancuso has three—count 'em, three— Olympic medals: a gold in Turin and two silvers so far in Vancouver. And lots to say and a great attitude. Listen to the two and tell me who you'd rather hang with. So maybe the media can switch their focus from Lindsey Vonn talking about Tiger Woods (the man plays golf for christsake—and sleeps with a bunch of skanky women) and listen to the woman who skis for fun, designs underwear, and before heading to Vancouver spent her weekend with a bunch of kids on her home mountain at Squaw.

Yep—including my kid, fourth from the left in the bright green pants. She poses for pics and took a run down the mountain with the Mighty Mites (the little guys) on Saturday and since the Tahoe League was away racing that day came back on Sunday for more pics and helmet signings. She was friendly, accessible, and a great example for all the Squaw kids. The Mighty Mite boy in the house we share observed "She was very nice. And I think she is a little bit prettier than Lindsey Vonn." She's the whole package, and while we root for all the U.S. skiers, we save the loudest cheers for Julia Mancuso.


J said...

That is so awesome! I love stories like this.

And I think she is prettier than Lindsey Vonn too!

five tomatoes said...

How awesome of her! I bet Sophie was very excited about that!

Ginny said...

You can't let the media dictate who the star should be. Go Julia!

ANFQ said...

Great story. How awesome for Sophie!

The Urban Suburban Agent said...

So true! That is the more interesting story!

TC said...

I thought the exact same thing about the focus being all messed up on the Vonn/Mancuso thing. Put I am pouting at you about the slam on golf (not Tiger; he deserves it), since my son is a golfer the way your daughter is a skiier--it's his passion. (Plus, anything that can give my special-needs, struggling-in-so-many-other-arenas kid a place to feel good about himself...well, I'm a golf afficionado now, even if I wasn't one before.)

Go Julia!

TC said...

(Oy! The typos! "BUT I am pouting..." And no, I don't know why I put two i's in skier! Sorry...)

NJDecorator said...

Totally agree, my 17 yo son likes them both but he thinks that Julia is not getting a fair shake.