Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All the good

While I'm stressing out about the mad scrambling pace of my life these days (pack, unpack, repack, drive, drive, drive), I'm trying to focus on what is good. There's a lot. Here it is.

Good: Heading to the mountains with a few friends and a lot of skis.

Good: The heated boot bag Husband and Sophie got me for Christmas (a surprise late present). This bag plugs into the car while we drive up, and when I put on my boots, they are warm. At the end of the day, wet boots and gloves go in here to dry, significantly reducing stink.

Also good: The new boots I bought to replace the ones that were stolen out of my car the other weekend. They're the same model as I had before, but the current model is much improved and came with a custom, heat-molded liner—super comfy, plus no more cold toes. They rock. Husband thinks I hid my old boots so I could buy these.

Good: Sophie looking good while waiting for her times at last weekend's race at Sierra-at-Tahoe. (Not good: Sierra-at-Tahoe. Besides having a stupid name, it is the lamest ski area ever. Most of the runs are so flat, you should really bring reading material for going down them.)

Really good: The great new friends Sophie has made on her team. We couldn't ask for a more welcoming, supportive group of girls. No mean girls here!

Good: The fact that feminine protection is including in the price of a Squaw lift ticket. Is that awesome or what? So much better than fumbling for lip balm on the lift and dropping a tampon on the head of someone down below. No I haven't, but almost.

Good: Snow, snow, and more snow. Keep it coming!


Purple Flowers said...

It's obvious you and family are rockin' through the winter. Tell Sophie she looks great, like a real pro! Her friend looks like a nice girl too!
Even though it's alot of shuffling around, you seem as if you, Husband and Sophie love the snow, the ski and are very happy :)

ANFQ said...

Hi Cindy- Missing your updates but feeling your pain- we are on the run with alpine, ski jumping and now one kid who is dipping his feet into tele/back country skiing. The winter goes by VERY quickly, huh? But this is why we like these sports. And we have it much better than the hockey moms, who can only watch.

Sorry to hear about ski boots!

Here in the way northeast, we keep missing the storms-- who knew one needs to take a winter vacation in DC these days?????