Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving countdown V:
Equipment check

Silver polished?

Check! Some of these pieces I inherited, but most are ones I found at flea markets, small antique shops, or even thrift stores. It's amazing how good a tarnished mess can clean up with a little Mrs. Wright's.

Knives sharpened?

Not yet, but Husband dropped them off at Hida Tool, with a promise that they would be ready on Wednesday. Can you believe he did not buy a single tool while he was there? Unprecedented.

Glassware inventoried and restocked?

Check! We seem to go through glassware like tissue. I have almost enough nice wine goblets, but I picked up these extras from the Crate and Barrel outlet for $3 a piece. At that price, we can throw them at walls. I also needed new water goblets, and although I'm not crazy about them (far too heavy to throw at walls), these saved me from driving to a mall. They'll do.

Later tonight after Sunday dinner is consumed and cleaned up, I'll be ironing napkins.

Next up: Food do-aheads.

Just think, in a week it will all be over, and we'll be sick of turkey sandwiches and I'll be craving anti-holiday food—usually Thai. Seems like a long way off, doesn't it?


jolly said...

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Purple Flowers said...

The silver looks great! You are on a roll, my dear. It's fun to get ready for a big dinner. I have my list, and it does me good when I can check something off from it.

Trish said...

I usually want sushi the day after Thanksgiving.