Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Read my griping: Win an award

Sometimes a girl just needs an award. And Alexandra over at Running Just As Fast As I Can must have sensed my need because she sent me just that. Lookee here:

Isn't that fabulous? It is to me, particularly since I am feeling slightly less than fabulous lately. I am tired.

Tired of the holidays for the moment. I'm pretty sure buying Sophie the Alvin and the Chipmunk's Christmas cd was a mistake. If I listen to it again I might just drive off the road.

Tired of being president of Sophie's school P.T.A.-like group. I'm burned out. I just don't give a shit any more. And with the state budget in the crapper and school budget's on the chopping block, the school really needs someone who has the passion I had for this the past two years. It's a great school, a great group of parent volunteers—but I'm just done, and I have until June to go. When I think of the spring auction, I want to weep.

Tired of serving as the designer for my MIL's house remodel. Husband is the general contractor, which is good because he really is a general contractor. But I am an editor. And a sometimes not very patient daughter-in-law. It sounded like a fun project: The MIL has an almost unlimited budget, is pleasant and agreeable, and happily moved out of her house to a residential facility for the duration of the project. But the scope and details have proved overwhelming to her, and in addition to choosing (for her approval) bath tile, floor tile, grout colors, paint colors, counter surfaces, window treatments, and the like, I have also had to take on sorting and packing an insane amount of what looks to me like total crap but represents to her a lifetime's worth of memories. I've been trying with little success to get her to dispense with some of it. Does a person who no longer bakes or cooks very much really need six glass measuring cups?? "Oh, yes! I use those all the time!" (Really?? At the same time????) And I've fought mightily to prevent her from remodeling her house to look dated before it is even finished. No on floral borders. No on rose tile (they don't even make rose tile anymore, thank goodness). I'm letting her keep her horrible chandeliers, but they've got to be washed before they go back up (probably by me), and that's as generous as I'm prepared to be. Being the designer is not nearly as fun as I thought it would be.

And so tired I can't narrow it down to the five bloggers I am to pass this award to. So I will do this: Anyone who has hung with me through these paragraphs of pathetic griping is granted this award. Is that more than five? Well, probably not. 

And just to end things on a positive note, here are two things I find fabulous this time of year:

Apples are nice, but few things beat a perfectly ripened Bosc pear. I poach them, roast them, chop them up to add to a green salad, and eat them endlessly throughout the winter. 

Another of my favorite winter fruits is the Satsuma Mandarin. They are so sweet and easy to peel that Sophie will happily accept one as her dessert after dinner. And my local produce market always has a bin labeled "stems and leaves." As Sophie once pointed out, "a reminder that they can from a tree."

Congratulations on your award. Enjoy it in good health.


five tomatoes said...

That project sounds overwhelming! It took me a year to figure out how to decorate my tiny apartment when I was in law school and that didn't involve half of what you're doing. Is there anyway you can call in reinforcements? My parents are remodeling right now and one of my co-workers who is in school for interior design is giving them advice on the cheap in exchange for being able to use us in her portfolio.

Jen Yu said...

Oh girlfriend, I don't envy you that project and certainly not with a MIL... That's why I won't do web design for family members - same problem - they don't know what they want and they're a pain in the ass about it to boot.

But you're a good chica, and if I get my act together (that's always a big if) then you should be getting something in the mail in a few weeks even though I don't do xmas - I most definitely do WINTER :)

Chin up and pump me for easy recipe ideas on the auction thingy!! I will help you as best I can. Or I'll just kidnap you to Colorado and take you to Vail or Breckenridge... Lady needs a break, no? xxoo

ElleBee said...

Wowza, lady. You need a break! By the way, you need to send me your snail mail address so I can drop your prize in the mail--maybe a nice little drinky in a lava lamp shot glass will help you out! ;)

Purple Flowers said...

I feel bad for you. You seem tired through your words. I've been through that project, and it practically wore me down to threads. And no one offered to help me - that was the real kicker. Try to make a list as to what needs to get done, and cross off one by one at YOUR SPEED. This sounds like it doesn't have to be a rush rush job.
Take Care my friend.

Deb said...

Hey Cindy,

Yep. I'm stickin' with ya. You would have done the same for me! Sorry things are so crappy right now, they will get better. I hate the school stuff (PTA), because it is overwhelming, and generally understaffed. We have a spring carnival that is horrible.

I thank you for the award, and I will shamelessly take it despite the fact that under normal circumstances I may have not been picked. :)

Wish I lived near you. We could go hang out at your local ER and cause mayhem.

lisagh said...

You, my friend, need a vacation. I hear Winnipeg is very dingy, dark, cold and dreary this time of year. But there's a cozy little flat there that's always open to you!

NJDecorator said...

I hear you loud and clear and I am not going anywhere, so keep it coming.

Working with family is never easy, but just know that there is an end in sight. As for the spring PTO thing, make a good committee to run it? and you get to consult only? while drinking wine?

The Mrs. said...

Please!~ You have a lot to gripe about and the holiday season is so tiring on it's own! Why are Turkey Day and Xmas so close together! I have Noooooo idea. It's annoying. Hang in there!

Carla said...

I'm not one to know much about the stars, their alignment or what that means in the greater scheme of things, but I think you may have have lots of good company right now. The moon so close to two plantets right now is unusual, they say.

I have many women clients--creative and passionate about life as you are...and the past several days, many are quick to come to tears (around crafting supplies???), have short fuses, and seem so overwhelmed. Something's in the air, I think. And I believe it will pass.

Perhaps a deep breath, warm cup of something to drink, stop and carefully listen to a favorite holiday tune, and let your eyes go out of focus while you gaze at some holiday lights...or let whatever's in the warm something to drink do the focus losing for you. :-) Take care. Please keep bloggin'.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... sounds like you need a ski break. Better run away this weekend and go enjoy the mountains.

My favorite way to eat pears? With slices of baked brie en croute. Yum!

Mo said...

I am sorry you are going through all of this. My wish is for you to find some peace in the midst of all this craziness.

Sit back with a glass of something in the spirit family and channel yourself to the snow and mountains you love so much.

And snicker, I will graciously accept this award you have bestowed upon us.


G. said...

Hey Girlfren,

I'll get a couple of drinks into you at bookgroup to ease the pain.

yr fan,

Broady said...

Yay, I finally won an award! But really, you need to scrape some of the stuff off of your plate, kick back with one of those rosemary pear martini's and let yourself relax a bit!

But if you insist on taking on more projects, you can always advise me on ideas for my upcoming crop of kumquats ; )

adozeneggs said...

I would never take on the job of decorating the MIL's house.
My MIL thinks she can do it all and her house is a house of a million colors, wallpapers, tiles etc.
At least your MIL takes your advice. My mom is an interior designer and I think I've learned from her in my 39 years but still MIL refuses to take any advice from me.
The Gingerbread men are up on the website and blog. Hope they make you smile, I'm quite happy with them.
Take a night off, put your feet up and drink some of that home made wine!!!