Monday, May 5, 2008

We interrupt this Bonanno sale

to go to the REI sale and spend all our money, leaving nothing to spend on pretty sandals. Once again, practicality wins out over luxury at the House of Figs. Oh, well

But I have to admit, it all worked out pretty well.

I love REI for what they carry, hate them for their (almost complete lack of competent) custom service. And I really hate them during a large sale. Whereas they place bodies behind all available cash registers, you can still wait thirty minutes in the shoe department to have a box shoved at you. So I went after the sale catalog came out (so I knew what was on sale) but before the sale actually started. There was no one there, and I had all the bad custom service to myself.

I bought the sandals I had scoped out a few months ago (now on sale; these match the green bag I bought at REI a few weeks ago),

these hiking boots (not on sale, but the sale offered a 20% discount on a single full-priced item),

these shorts (on sale),

and these shorts (not on sale).
Then, I went back on Saturday during the sale (at least seventy people were waiting for shoes) with my receipt for what they term an adjustment. Adjust me, please!

And with my adjustment, I bought on the way out this snappy little camping end table

and some camp chairs (on sale: $13 each!).

These should be handy in the canoe we're borrowing from friends for our trip this summer.

Now that I've wrapped up my REI sale shopping, I can devote my full attention (or at least that I have reserved for our trip) to my concern about BEARS. Which is becoming rather significant. More on that later.


Kate said...

I was looking at a similar pair of sandals from LL Bean - but will definitely check out the REI ones - especially if they are on sale!

Cindy said...

Kate, these are seriously some of the most comfortable shoes I have had in ages! And they're much lighter than Keens (and not quite as goofy looking, I think).

Anonymous said...

Love that second pair of shorts!

Jen Yu said...

we are on a similar wavelength this week as i hit that sale this morning with the guy. we got him a new mountain bike so he can teach me how to not crash into things (i do this rather well and with great consistency). then i got myself a little patagucci because i cannae resist when it goes on sale. we had a huge dividend and yet - it now seems so small...

how do you like the keens? i wore mine last month on a warm day in boulder, but couldn't tell how comfy they were because my feet were half numb (dang chemo). i'm afraid of getting the stanky footbed syndrom :(

Jen Yu said...

uh, that would be syndrome. apparently i have brain-hand coordination problems too.

Cindy said...

Jen, they're Anhu Tildens. I've only worn them to the office a couple of times, but so far I'm loving them. They're very light weight, which is nice. The inside is allegedly made of recycled polyester and charred bamboo (I'm not making that up), which is supposed to offer natural antimicrobial properties. I'm hoping this works because there is nothing worse than the smell of those microcrobes! I think part of the reason I wanted to replace my old Teevas (aside from wanting toe protection) is that no matter what I do I can never completely get rid of the stank.

I eyed some of the patagucci but resisted because I was so caught up in the footwear thang. Next time. :)

Ryan said...
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