Friday, May 23, 2008

Add to packing list: Rain boots, umbrellas

Isn't Memorial Day supposed to be the start of the summer season? You know—white shoes, straw handbags, CAMPING??? We've spend the past few Memorial Day holidays at a work weekend to help open Berkeley Tuolumne Camp for the season.

It's one of those places we never would have thought to go had we not had a child. After all, it's not even real camping. You stay in a tent cabin and eat in a dining hall. And there are activities. I hate activities. But my kid loves them. And while enthusiastic young teenagers and young adults entertain my kid I can sleep a lot, go for a run between breakfast and lunch, and spend the afternoon alongside the river with my feet in the water and my face in a book. I leave the ping pong, lanyards, archery, and tie dye (oh god, how I hate tie dye) to others. We go up with a crowd of people, and our kids roam unsupervised through camp while we relax by the river  and engage in elaborate happy hours. It's really quite excellent. 

But Memorial Day weekend is different. The camp puts you up and feeds you for free on the assumption that you will work your tail off doing things like removing storm windows, painting, carpentry, clearing brush, mopping, and scrubbing grime. Not everyone thinks this sounds as appealing as we do, so camp is relatively quite, which we enjoy. And we like seeing it in a different season. The dogwoods are blooming, and the river is usually high. The days are often mild and the nights pretty cold. But this year we might be in for something completely different. I woke this morning to Husband putting his swim trunks in his duffel. He likes to make a big point that no matter how cold the river is (and it's really cold this time of year), he will go in at least once (and usually toss Sophie in as well). But I'm going home to add a few things to our packing list: rain boots, umbrellas, foul weather gear, all the down quilts in the house. Because I do not think there will be any of this going on:

Have I mentioned I like cold weather? Yesiree, I do. So long as I'm prepared. Which I will be. Sometimes it's nice to have weather that makes you appreciate a good hot flash.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...


Sabina said...

oh brrr... it was in the 90s up there just last week, stay warm and happy cleaning!

Mo said...

Love that you are spending the weekend giving back and enjoying the great ourdoors.


Anonymous said...

Hope you bring along plenty of wine and hot coffee to keep the chill off.

That place looks and sounds wonderful. Love the idea of someone entertaining my daughters for an hour or two so that I can relax with DH. I can completely see us doing that in about 5 years with our California friends and their kids.

Jennifer H said...

Sounds wonderful. I hope everyone else, later on in the season, appreciates all the work you do!

The summer camping sounds great (and I don't usually love camping), mostly because there would be activities to keep the kids occupied.

Have fun!

Kate said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN!! hope it was great!

Belle in Bloom said...

I hope you had a great time! It really does sound fun. Have a great week!

dmmlandcruiser said...

HOpe you had a great weekend! I need your help: How do you store basil? I have heard not to put it in the fridge???