Sunday, December 25, 2011

What Santa Brought

Well, not really Santa, but George, who sometimes is almost as hard to believe as Santa. My father is following a progression to which I can only aspire. At seventy, he learned to ski. At seventy-five, he decided he wanted to ski MORE. And since my mom was unamused by being left at home last year for over a month while he took off on a ski odyssey, dragging an air mattress around so he could crash wherever, she declared that he needed to buy a place where she could relax in comfort while he skied day in and day out.

So he bought a Tahoe condo. Yay! And a mountain bike. And then an all-wheel drive Subaru. Does he rock, or what??

And with it all he gets . . . my family. And me as his cheerful housekeeper and personal chef. But that's not all!

He also get his handy son-in-law as his personal ski tuner using this custom ski tuning bench recently installed in his garage,

along with bike and kayak hooks, shelving, and a custom-built ski rack. (Those are my new impossibly fat rockered skis five from the left.)

We also blinged out his condo in winter decor. We don't celebrate Christmas in the religious sense, and considering it winter decor allows us to keep it up at least through the end of January with no remorse.

The only things are are missing are George and Ruby themselves (they'll be up after Christmas) and SOME SNOW.

Squaw has killed themselves making snow, opening three lifts on the lower mountain. Still, parts of Red Dog look like a tiny Christmas tree farm.

We are concerned all these investments (condo, car, skis, season passes) have jinxed the season.

An upside has been a nearly empty mountain. I don't miss the crowds at all, and I can get a front-row seat at the fire pit on KT deck at lunch.

In the meantime, we'll keep skiing the scratchy machine-made junk while we wait for the real stuff. After all, we're outside, in the mountain, and on skis. We're grateful for digs in the mountains, family, and good friends.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Looks like the perfect holiday! Crossing my fingers y'all get some snow and that we, in Upstate NY, don't.


Cid said...

Lucky you! It's the same back east, no snow in Vermont (where we went to train two weeks ago) or at home in Ontario but my boys are still out training gates on one of two runs that are open. Me, I'm hanging by the fire as well.

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