Monday, June 21, 2010

My birthday: Let's survey the loot

I know I promised to post what Mr. Gift got me, but first a word from Sophie:

The illustrated border is all made of fingerprints. And "baby" is the name only I am allowed to call her (Daddy's little girl, Mama's baby). She also complied with my wish that she be nice to me all day.

I went to fix it to one of my kitchen cabinets and almost removed an old faded piece of art when I realized I was looking at a pair of tiny sparkly paint handprints, so old they were almost faded away. It's getting harder all the time to see the baby in the moody pre-teen who lives in my house. Is sometimes put my mouth to her stomach and call "Where's my baby?? Is she anywhere in there???" And she usually answers "Right here, Mama."

Husband is sweet too but clearly operates with a agenda. He surprised me once again, this time with a cornucopia of barbecue equipment.
First up, a gauge for my barbecue propane tank. Who even knew such a thing existed?? But it's a great idea. I have on more than one occasion been reduced to tears by an empty tank, wailing "If only I had known, we could have had pasta!!!!" Never again.

Next up, a scrubby brush for my grill. I totally needed one of these: My old one is completely bald. And finally two sets (for a total of eight) Henckles steak knives to replace old ones that are falling apart. It was at this point in gift opening that his agenda became clear: PLEASE MAKE ME A STEAK!

And do you think Fathers' Day coming up had anything to do with this? I don't believe in coincidences; I'm really a conspiracy theorist at heart. So yesterday I made him a steak. Even though he is not my father, he is a great father to our child and therefore deserves a steak on Fathers' Day.

Tune in tomorrow to see how I adapted this recipe from Williams-Sonoma and avoided buying the $80 barbecue griddle they designed the recipe to illustrate.


The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday! That is some great loot!!! Glad to catch up on your blog!

Purple Flowers said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Figs!

QueenJanine said...

Yum! I made Chris and his dad (and the rest of us) some ribeyes yesterday. Dee-lish. We do a lot of tri-tip, but not that much "steak".

I love the bees on Sophie's artwork! Reminds me of the old bee costume she used to run around in. She's such a sweetie.