Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When soup is indicated

When my husband looks like a cross between

Bill the Cat
(think of the hacking noises associated with hairball expulsion)


Albert Einstein
(the hair)

and claims to be "weak as a kitten!" with "vultures circling our house!"

and I am starting in on a sore throat, it is time to make soup. It's always one of the last things I try to do on my way down. I may become more ill and my husband may even pass away, but I won't starve.

A final trip to the produce market to procure ingredients revealed a spring treat, morels! I love their deep, woody taste and Sophie likes them because they taste similar to mushrooms but without what she considers the slimy texture. A win-win.

Tender baby California-grown asparagus is starting to show up (fava beans are surely not far behind).

And I chose flavorings of green onions, baby ginger, and cilantro.

I could have added a whole chicken to the pot, but we're sick, remember? So I resorted to the stock of stock I usually have in my freezer and boneless chicken breasts.

It all went into the pot, along with a little fish sauce and lime, to simmer while I repaired to the couch for a little rest.

Rice noodles added at the end rounded out a hearty and fragrant meal-worthy soup.

It's Wednesday, so that means I have today and tomorrow to pull myself back to my general state of excellent health. Sophie's race team has Friday afternoon practice and then two final days of racing over the weekend. In the worst case scenario, I'll toss Husband in the back of the car and we'll be off. Last weekend I logged my thirtieth (30th!!!!!) day on the slopes—a new record for me and I think not bad for someone who does not live in the mountains—and I'm not done yet!

Enjoy the spring if you're so inclined. If you're not, pray with me for more snow!!


Purple Flowers said...

The soup looks great, I hope you and husband feel better soon, and that Sophie does well on the slopes! I'm wishing snow for you!

tommie said...

That soup looks amazing. I wish I could just throw things together to make a superb meal! But I am strictly a recipe cooker. I can tweak things..but I have never just thought....let's throw this this and this together!

Hope everyone feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

That soup looks amazing, and I'm impressed with your stockpile (ha ha) of chicken stock! Hope you and the husband feel better soon!

Cid said...

The soup looks delish. Good luck with the final races. We finished up on a high note last weekend with a big win for my Number Two Son. Lots of fun but I am so glad it is all over.

Anonymous said...

I hope you and your husband feel better soon. I am a soup and stew lover, so we always have at least one large pot cooked in our house each week. With both my husband and I working and being grad students, soup is the food of champions.

Kate said...

Love morels...and haven't made chicken soup in awhile so I will have to try this.

hope everyone is on the mend soon!

志竹 said...

haha~ funny! thank you for your share~ ........................................