Friday, May 15, 2009

Go ahead and guess

Look what Sophie and I found at our produce market the other day.

What do you think they are? We would not have known if there had not been a sign.

They're not only cute, they're fun!

The shell is crisp, sort of fuzzy, and filled with air in addition to the surprise inside. Give up?

Fresh garbanzo beans! Before they shell them, dry them out, rehydrate them, and imprison them in a can. Who knew??

I thought they would be good gently steamed, but Sophie and I discovered while waiting in line that they are wonderful raw and taste kind of like a very fresh raw pea. And cracking open their little shells to pop out and eat a bean is about as addictive as pistachios.

I enjoyed a little bowl of them on my desk yesterday, but they also made a nice addition to my cold rice noodles.

If you ever see some, grab yourself a bag! Or come sit at my kitchen table where I'll give you a bowl of some and a glass of iced tea.


Purple Flowers said...

You are a nice person!

carolyn said...

I knew right away as these are my favorite!! yum, fresh gaarbanzos!

ANFQ said...

what a treat and how delicious-- have never seen them but will surely keep my eye out!!

Jenn said...

How very cool. I'll have too look for those. Would love to try them fresh!

adozeneggs said...

I can't wait for our Farmer's Market to be in full swing again.
I always thought garbanzo's were ivory colored, who knew??

Angelina said...

I've seen these at my local market but have not bought them in spite of the strong urge because they weren't very fresh looking. Our health food store is called "Harvest Fresh" but it has been nicknamed "Not So Harvest Fresh" by most locals. I've also thought of growing some myself.

They look tasty!

Deb said...

I have never ever seen them before like that!!! Thanks for showing us. I'll have to check out the farmer's market for some.

Manisha said...

I knew! :-) It's sold as a snack on the streets in India. It's tossed with finely choppe onion, red chilli powder, salt and lemon juice. Sometimes even boiled potatoes and tomatoes are added to the mix. It's yummy!!