Monday, February 9, 2009

What we toasted

on ski weekend with no husbands and no kids:
Some great snow.

No snoring.

A delicious meal.

A beautiful cabin and a gracious host.

A little girl we all miss terribly who will never grow up to be a woman sitting around a table with other women laughing, taking inventory, telling stories.
It was a grounding weekend, although the fact that I have not spent a weekend at home in three weeks is taking its toll. I am behind in almost everything: work, home life, blog reading (anyone have any babies??), blog writing. But in one area I feel I've moved forward: This weekend I actually had more fun skiing the crud and off piste than I did the groomers. Me / bored / groomers—three concepts that have never before been linked. It only took me—what?—ten years and several pairs of successively better skis. A trip to Alta helped too.

So I raise a cup of tea to myself for chipping away at my comfort zone and to the women this weekend who knew that there was business to take care of on that mountain.

Tomorrow let's make some romesco sauce, ok?


MsMVNJ said...

Looks wonderful!

Purple Flowers said...

Welcome Back; you were missed!

gandr said...

What! Girls don't snore???