Friday, April 29, 2011

On my mind at this minute

A friend recently asked me on Facebook when I was planning on coming back to the blogosphere to play. Good question—how pathetic is it when I cannot even remember my own account password to log on??

But the answer is that I don't know. Posting was beginning to seem like more of a chore than a creative outlet, my job became more demanding (current budget woes, layoffs on the horizon, fantasies of bagging it and becoming a detective), and all the digital cameras in our household went on the fritz. I'm just not sure where I want to go with the whole thing, but I'm thinking of a departure from mostly food most of the time (aren't there enough food blogs out there featuring food by people who can actually operate a camera??) and returning to a more personal sort of digital journal. You know, what's on my mind as well as what's on my plate or in my mouth.

And what's on my mind this very minute is this:


This royal nonsense has undoubtedly received way more attention than reasonable (I loved Mr. Darcy's Colin Firth's remark concerning the monarchy that he "really likes to vote"), but I cannot turn away. What the 'eff is going on here?? Two possibilities come to mind:
1. This is some kind of protest (remember I live in Berkeley), and the princesses are merely expressing family discord: "I hate you so much that I'm going to look as ridiculous as humanly possible at your wedding."

2. "Gaga wears shit like this all the time, and people love her."

The queen, on the other hand, looked absolutely adorable. She is a wonderful reminder of why I had my kitchen painted yellow. Yellow is a wonderful color.

So that's what's on my mind, although my recipe for seriously perfect brownies is edging in there. Two words there: browned butter. Maybe I'll steal someone else's picture and tell you about it.